Bill Campbell's Photos

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Bill Campbell's Quick Biography

OTS: Dec 67
UPT Webb: Jan 69
C-141s at Charleston: 69-70
C-7s Phu Cat, Oct 70-Apr 71; Cam Ranh (Stan-Eval) Apr 71-Jul 71
Anderson AFB, Guam for 30 days w/leaking C-7 fuel tank
C-141s Charleston 71-74 
Pentagon: ASTRA 74-75
Wurtsmith: B-52s 76-79
Maxwell: ACSC 79-80
Pentagon: AF/PRPFS, 80-83
Blytheville: 83-86 B-52 Sq/CC
Ft McNair: NWC: 86-87
Pentagon: Joint Staff J-5,87-89
Carswell: 7th BMW/DO/CV
Jetta, Saudi Arabia: Desert Storm 1908th BMV/CV, Feb-Apr 91; Chief, CENTAF
(Fwd) TACC Apr-Jun 91
Wurtsmith, 379th BMW/CC. Deactivated Wing and closed base on 30 Jun 93
Minneapolis, MN, Det 415/CC (AFROTC) 93-97
Retired: Nov 97
Wash DC: Nov 97-present, Directorate Support Manager, SAF/AQQ (MTC)

Bill's Photos

Closing Ceremony at Phu Cat 1 Closing Ceremony at Phu Cat 2
Closing Ceremony at Phu Cat 3 Hakeman and Maher
Jensen Air Strike
C-140 Big Freedom Bird
F-100 at Phu Cat Top of the 'Bou
C-7 Wreckage Fry, Colvin, and Webb
Colvin and Murphy's Hootch Air America
Minh Long Somewhere??
OV-10 and 0-2 Pilatus Porter N153L
C-141A Donahion
"Boy Roy" ARVN Rangers 1
ARVN Rangers 2 Webb And Colvin
Dalat Cam Ly Firebase 6 1
Firebase 6 2 Firebase 6 3
Ghia Nghia Minh Long
Minh Long And Arty More Minh Long
Cu La Re Island 1 Cu La Re Island 2
Cu La Re Island 3 Cu La Re Island 4
Cu La Re Island 5 Mang Buc 1
Mang Buc 2 Mang Buc 3
Arty Cambodian Border
Ha Thanh Ha Thanh 2
Nha Trang Chu Lai 1
Chu Lai 2 Chu Lai 3
Chu Lai 4 Quang Ngai
A-1s At Pleiku Cam Ranh Bay
Phu Cat at Sunrise Chao Phia Hotel
Bangkok Merchants Bangkok Temple


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