Bob Payne's Photos


Bob Payne was a pilot with the 458th TAS in 1967/1968.  (Finally we got a pilot to donate some photos!)

Bob's Photos

Approach to Nha Trang Nha Trang Short Final
Vinh Thanh ARVN Troops At Vinh Thanh
Loading up At Vinh Thanh ARVN Families At Vinh Thanh
Ha Tay Long Tom At Ha Tay
Ha Tay Special Forces Camp Long Tom Close-Up
Ha Tay Runway Approach To Phan Thiet
Ban Don Operation "Bah-room" Ban Don And Unwilling Elephant
Montagnards At Ban Don Ban Don Elephant 1
Ban Don Elephant 2 Ban Don Villagers
More Ban Don Villagers Packaged Elephant At Ban Don
Nhon Co Front Gate Nhon Co
Pussy Mountain 1 Pussy Mountain 2
Dak Pek 1 Dak Pek 2
Bob Payne At Dak Pek Caribou Cattle
Unknown Army Airfield Bu Krak
Nhon Co Aerial View Bulldozer
Bridge At An Lac Bridge Guard At An Lac
Caribou At An Lac Nhon Co Camp
Luong Son Luong Son Air Drop 1
Luong Son Air Drop 2 Xuan Loc International Airport
Caribou At Xuan Loc Ham Tan Terminal
Caribou At Bu Krak Air Drop At Bu Krak
F-100 At Bien Hoa 1 F-100 At Bien Hoa 2
F-5 Bien Hoa Song Be
Phuoc Vinh Pleiku Approach
O-2 Formation Nha Trang Downwind
North Of Qui Nhon War is Hell!
Officers' Beach 1 Officers' Beach 2
Officers' Beach 3 Cam Ranh Beach
Scenery 1 Scenery 2
Dalat Hooch Maid
Steam Roller "Red Garter" Hooch
Dak Pek Aerial View Loading Pax 1
Loading Pax 2 Fueling A Caribou
Chinook Cargo For Tieu Atar
Lunch Birthday Celebration
Mission Whiskey Quittin' Time
Caribou Postcard 1 Caribou Postcard 2
Early 458th Patch

Bob's Quiz Photos

Bob can no longer remember where the following photos were taken, but someone out there must be able to help us out.  We've now nailed down all but two of these.
Where 1? Cam Ranh 1
Cam Ranh 2 Cam Ranh 3
Where 5? Arc Light Near Dak Pek

Dak Pek Crash

Bob says he didn't take these photos and doesn't remember who did, but we will be glad to credit the photographer if we can find out who it was.  It is a remarkable set of photos showing the actual crash of a C-7A after being hit by ground fire on approach to Dak Pek on 29 May 1968.  As bad as it looks, no one was killed in the accident.
New York Times Article Dak Pek Crash 1
Dak Pek Crash 2 Dak Pek Crash 3
Dak Pek Crash 4 Dak Pek Crash 5
Dak Pek Crash 6 Dak Pek Crash 7

Two More

These are two more photos Bob supplied.  The first is a photo of a print he has hanging on his study wall and the second was obtained from James Jewelers in Bangkok, Thailand.
TacAir James Poster

And Yet More...

Here are a few more that Bob has dug up and I have been very slow posting.  I will need help with the captions on some of these!
Cam Ranh Officers' Beach 1 Cam Ranh Officers' Beach 2
Cam Ranh Officers' Beach 3 Cam Ranh Officers' Beach 4
Unknown Temple Near Phu Cat
Khanh Duong Offloading At Khanh Duong
Red Garter Bar An Khe Pass
Approaching Dalat Cam Ly Dalat Cam Ly
Unknown Bou Shadow
Phan Thiet Saigon 1
Saigon 2


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