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Sp 5 Denny Dillon was a rigger assigned to the 623rd Quartermaster in Cam Rahn Bay loading Sealand trailers for a month and then managing a bunch of civilians repairing parachutes.(Sep 68 - Feb 69) and thankfully transferred to 5th Special Forces Co B Pleiku Air Movement (Mar 69 Jun 69). He made airdrops and resupply to SF "A" sites and was involved with the Ben Het Siege in May and June of 1969. Toward the end of May, landing at the Ben Het airstrip became impossible because of enemy fire. Airdrop of supplies began May 28th and were initially dropped on the airstrip. A firefight usually resulted while recovering the supplies. It was decided to drop supplies inside the camp. 42 sorties were flown between June 3 - 21. Eight aircraft were damaged and three people wounded during the C7A resupply of Ben Het (Checo). He remembers a refrigerator being airdropped (if a guy's going to get shot at at least have some cold beer) and of course the never ending supply of cattle. Most of the time belly straps were forgotten and they had to be butchered right away as most cows don't know how to do a PLF. On one flight, under fire, a Caribou sustained a very large hole in the vertical stabilizer and a few holes in the wings. (Sorry, I don't remember which aircraft and can't find the picture I took of it. If anybody knows, shout!!) I reached my end of service term and left Pleiku for Nha Trang and Cam Rahn June 15th (according to records---seems to me it was more like June 22 or 23, I don’t remember spending a week back in Nha Trang). Hope everyone enjoys the pictures. Most are slide conversions so I apologize for the quality.

Denny's Photos

62-4186 61-2396
63-9744 Happy Rabbit
Bangkok Hotel Cargo 1
Cargo 2 Cargo 3
Cargo 4 Cargo 5
SF B Company Air Movement Office Airdrop 1
Airdrop 2 Airdrop 3
Airdrop 4 Airdrop 5
Airdrop 6 Lolex
Ben Het 1 Ben Het 2
Ben Het 3 Ben Het 4
Ben Het 5 Ben Het 6
Ben Het 7 Ben Het 8
Ben Het 9 Ben Het 10
Ben Het 11 Ben Het 12
Nha Trang Harbor Funeral Hearse
Pleiku 1 Pleiku 2
Pleiku 3 Pleiku 4
Paper Clipping Prison?
Air Movement Miss Dianne
Caribou Number Unknown Another Caribou Unknown
Denny Dillon  


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