Earl Gilbert's Photos


Earl Gilbert was a MSGT during the transition of the Caribous from the Army to the Air Force.  This collection of photos is from the 1966/1967 time period, with views of both Phu Cat and An Khe.

The Photos

Ancient Towers Maintenance Dock 1
Bad Landing Flight Line
View of Mountains Maintenance Area
Maintenance Dock 2 Runway
Tanks Maintenance Dock 3
Prop Loss 1 Prop Loss 2
POL Hit Maintenance Dock 4
Maintenance Area Maintenance Troops
Hong Kong Mountain Road From Flight Line
First NCO Club Early Maintenance Area
Road Outside Phu Cat An Khe Maintenance Tent
17th Avn Co Flight Line 17th Avn Co
An Khe Flight Line 537th Maintenance Tent
Unknown First Bridge


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