Jim Hathcoat's Photos


I spent my year in country, 11-70 to 9-71, assigned to the 536th Tactical  Airlift Sq, stationed at Cam Ranh Bay AB, Republic of Vietnam.  I, as did all the other crews  assigned to Cam Ranh, flew a number of seven-day and three-day rotations out of  Bien Hoa AB, and Can Tho AB, respectively. The majority of my flying  was done in III and IV Corps supporting US Army and ARVN ground forces.


Jim's Photos

483rd TAW Headquarters Qui Nhon
Coast South of Cam Ranh Bay Unnamed Peninsula
Lobster Stop Vung Tau
Cobra at Cao Lanh Phu Loi AAF
Djamap Thien Ngon 1
Thien Ngon 2 Thien Ngon 3
Thien Ngon 4 Ham Tan
Quan Loi Tanh Linh Accident 1
Tanh Linh Accident 2 Tanh Linh Accident 3
Tanh Linh Accident 4 Unknown Airstrip
Craters East of Saigon Craters North of Saigon
Craters Southeast of Saigon C-7A at Can Tho
Can Tho Bus Depot Beautiful Can Tho
Can Tho Street Scene Seven Sisters Mountains
Arc Light Approach to An Thoi
An Thoi Airfield Dao Phu Quoc POW Camp 1
Dao Phu Quoc POW Camp 2 Tan Son Nhut Main Gate
Saigon 1 Saigon 2
Saigon 3 Saigon 4
Saigon 5 Saigon 6
Joe Tourist Fini Flight 1
Fini Flight 2 Fini Flight 3
Fini Flight 4 Fini Flight 5
Big Green One "The" Mountain
CH-54 "Flying Crane" "Patches" 1
"Patches" 2 Jim "Hunk" Hathcoat
Cam Ranh Beach 1 Cam Ranh Beach 2
Cam Ranh Beach 3 Train Wreck!
Ramp Zees On To The Big BX
Route Formation Two-Ship
Over The Top Typhoon Storm Bands
Wake Island Conquering The Pacific
C-7As At Midway Island Midway Island
Midway Island Sunset Captain Jeremiah Denton
Soldier's Statue 536th TAS Patch
Chu Hoi leaflet (Front) Chu Hoi leaflet (Back)
Newspaper Map From The Ponca City News, ca. 1971


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