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John Richards' Quick Biography

I was an Aircraft Electrician in the 483rd CMS Squadron from November 1970 to November 1971.  I worked at Cam Ranh, Bien Hoa, and Can Tho.  I spent a lot of time at Bien Hoa and did a lot of field trips to repair broken aircraft.  The photos, below, are from one of the more memorable of those field trips.  I also did a lot of morning launches, riding around in the maintenance launch truck, helping to blow out mags and get engines started.

John's Photos

Ooops! In Chang Mai It Was A Good Landing, Except...
Prop Damage Engine Close-up
Getting Ready To Lift The Aircraft Airbag Lift
Ready To Lift What A Job!
Gear Down The Peanut Gallery
Local Kids 1 Local Kids 2
Incoming! More Rocket Damage
Old Bunker Bien Hoa East Perimeter
Home Sweet Home Home In The Sandbox
At The Beach


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