Jerry York's Photos


In Jerry's own words:

These photos were mostly taken in the Phu Cat area in early 1967 (April or so).  You can see the aircraft still have their crummy looking Army paint jobs and the troops have not yet started to wear jungle fatiques with subdued insignia. The photos at LZ Litts were taken about the same time during a 1st Cav operation; we were hauling them in and out of the tiny dirt strip there at Litts, which is only a few miles north of Phu Cat.  We had a fuel truck there and also the radio jeep so we could do our own air traffic control.  The jeep we "borrowed" from the Army when we took over the Caribous and it stayed in the squadron for a couple of years before things got civilized and we had to give it back.  We also had at Litts a crew of mechanics and flight mechs to help expedite the loading and offloading, refueling, etc.  One of the Caribous crashed there on the runway due to rotor wash from a departing Chinook.  I believe there are already some photos of that crashed aircraft on the website.  SSGT John Godfrey was the flight mech on that aircraft, I dont have the names of the pilots.

Jerry's Photos

Bunnell And Rader Phu Cat Ramp
Chinook At Litts Huey At An Khe
Loading A Jeep Dustoff At An Khe
C-130 At An Khe Cargo Ramp At An Khe
Air Cav - LZ Litts Huey At Litts
Bou At Phu Cat KN183
Refueling At Phu Cat Offloading Grunts
Engine Maintenance 1 Engine Maintenance 2
Grunts And A Huey C-Rats
Takeoff A Classic Bou
Nap Time 63-9758
An Khe Taxiing In
LZ Litts The Pause That Refreshes
Phu Cat Jerry At Work
Refueling 1 Refueling 2
Refueling 3 Cockpit
Stick Time Fini Flight 1
Fini Flight 2 Fini Flight 3
Fini Flight 4 Fini Flight 5
Grunts Waiting For A Bou
Spooky On The Ramp

Mobile Control

Loading Up
Grunts And A Bou 62-4180


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