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The first USAF C-7 Caribou lost to enemy action was shot down by VC ground fire while on a resupply flight. A single bullet severed a fuel manifold causing the engines to stop through fuel starvation. The pilot crash-landed the Caribou in a rice paddy near Binh Thuy and all the crew escaped.

Capt Kenneth L Chrisman (survived)
2Lt R Callahan (survived)
[Barden Revelle, SMSGT, USAF (Ret), a Flight Mechanic with the 536th at Vung Tau, 1967 - 1968, adds:
The Flight Mechanic, John Trease, got out OK and captured a VC who approached the aircraft. The crew was from the 535th, but the aircraft was borrowed that day from my unit, the 536th.]

Kenneth's Photos

Shot Down in the Delta 1 Shot Down in the Delta 2
Shot Down in the Delta 3 Shot Down in the Delta 4


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