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Ken Fillmore 

I graduated from pilot training in class 70-04 at Webb AFB, Big Spring, TX in December 1969.  Following survival school and C-7 training at Dyess,  I was assigned to the 536th TAS at Vung Tau and arrived in April 1970.  We moved to Cam Ranh Bay in July 1970.  I went with a group of about 13 Second Lieutenants.  On our return to the states in April 1971, I was fortunate to be assigned as a C-7 instructor in the 18th TATS at Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas.  There was one other of my original group (Tom Adams) who was also assigned as a Caribou instructor.  Another (John Wolfe) became a T-37 instructor and would you believe all of the other 10 received KC-135 or B-52 assignments!  I checked out as a Caribou instructor in July 1971 and remained there until the squadron closed in/around September 1972.  I then went to Vance as a T-37 instructor, later went to C-130s at Dyess.  I also had too many tours at the helm of a BGD6-D (Big Grey Desk 6-Drawer) in auditing and logistics.  I retired in 1991 and am currently a T-37 simulator instructor at Vance.  So, if anyone is ever in the area, give me a call and we'll go for a simulated T-37 ride!


Ken's Photos

Ha Thien 1 Ha Thien 2
Ha Thien 3 Ha Thien 4
Ha Thien 5 Ha Thien 6
Song Be 1 Song Be 2
Song Be 3 Lai Khe
Duc Phong Vung Tau Chinook
O Rang 1 O Rang 2
O Rang 3 O Rang 4
O Rang 5 O Rang 6
Djamap 1 Djamap 2
Djamap 3 Tanh Linh 1
Tanh Linh 2 Tanh Linh 3
Gia Ray 1 Gia Ray 2
Tan An Bu Dop 1
Bu Dop 2 Tan Son Nhut
Dau Tieng 1 Dau Tieng 2
Dau Tieng 3 Cam Ranh Bay 1
Cam Ranh Bay 2 Cam Ranh Bay 3
Cam Ranh Bay 4 Cam Ranh Bay 5
Cam Ranh Bay 6 536th Hootch
536th Lieutenants 536th Lieutenant
In Flight 1 In Flight 2
In Flight 3 In Flight 4
In Flight 5 In Flight 6
In Flight 7 In Flight 8
In Flight 9 Vung Tau Hotel 1
Vung Tau Hotel 2 Vung Tau Hotel 3
536th Fini Flight 1 536th Fini Flight 2
536th Fini Flight 3 536th Fini Flight 4
536th Fini Flight 5 536th Fini Flight 6
Thailand 1 Thailand 2
Thailand 3


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