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End Of The Trail


End Of The Trail

This photo was taken by Steve Lentz at Davis-Monthan a few years ago and shows at least 4 C-7As in the line-up to be turned into scrap metal.  To the best of my knowledge (and the latest AMARC inventory list) they have now all been cut up and are gone.  Although it is not clear in this scan, the tail markings are "YK" and "PH" — anyone know what units those were?

Doug Lamerson has answered the question (actually, he answered it a long time ago and I didn't post it when I should have).  In any case, "YK" is  62-4183 (c/n 125) of the VNAF 431st Transport Sq.; formerly of 537th TAS and "PH" is  63-9739 (c/n 186) of the VNAF 429th Transport Sq.; formerly of 457th TAS.


Photos Taken at Western International Aviation
Across the Street from Davis-Monthan by Stoney Faubus

62-4183 and 62-4182 62-4150 (457th and 458th)
62-4150 and 62-4183 62-4182 (535th)
62-4182 Data Stencil 62-4182 Left Side
61-4182 Right Side 62-4182 (537th)
63-9739 (457th and 535th) 63-9739 and 62-4150
63-9755 (537th) The end of a legend...
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