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I entered the Air Force in August of 1964.  After Lackland, I was assigned to Sheppard AFB, Texas for training as a reciprocating engine specialist.  I was then sent to Kinchloe AFB, Michigan, where I had my first taste of aircraft maintenance; we had one C-47!  In 1965, I was sent from the frozen north to Hickham AFB, Hawaii.  There I was assigned the the 61st FMS.  I worked on the C-124 until 1967.  I returned to the mainland to Eglin AFB Auxiliary Field #9, better known as Hurlburt Field, Florida.  I was assigned to the 4410th Combat Support Group where I worked on C-123, A-1E, O-1, O-2, and B-26 aircraft.  No wonder they called us the Flintstone Airport!  I was at Hurlburt until I was assigned to Cam Ranh Bay, RVN in January of 1969.  I was assigned to the 483rd CAMS and worked the phase docks for a few months before moving to the flight line.  I finished out my stay at Cam Ranh on the flight line, working nights and launch crew.  I returned the states in January of 1970 and was assigned to the  Keesler AFB, Mississippi where I worked the flight line on T-28 aircraft.  I left Keesler in 1972 for Torrejon, Spain, where I was assigned to the 401st FMS.  We had one C-118 and 25 engine men!  After two years at Torrejon, I got a transfer to Aviano, Italy where I was a one-man shop maintaining one T-29.  I returned to the states in 1975 and was assigned to Grissom AFB, Indiana.  Upon my arrival, I was forced to retrain due to the lack of need for us "recipers".  I chose to get into something marketable on the outside and I was selected to retrain into radiology (that's X-rays, not radio repair!).  I returned to Sheppard and was trained at the School of Health Care Sciences as a Radiologic Technologist.  I went from there to Carswell for Phase II of my training and after a year, moved on to Offut AFB, Nebraska for Phase III of my training.  After completing one more year of training, I spent another three years at Offut.  I was selected for instructor duty and back to Sheppard I went.  I spent the last four years of my career as an instructor.

I prepared myself for civilian life while at Sheppard.  I completed my B.S. in Radiologic Technology at Midwestern State University and also earned my Registry of Radiologic Technology Certificate; the only national governing board for "Rad Techs".  I retired in August of 1984 and moved to Abilene, Texas. I took a position as Radiology Instructor and Quality Control Supervisor.  After four years, I decided to take a job with the U.S. Post Office because of better overall pay and retirement "bennies".  That is where I am today.  You can contact me at:


Stan's Photos

Cam Ranh Aerial View Hootch-Mates
Home Improvement Hootch Maid
Humble Adode Potty Hole
Vietnamese All-Purpose Washing Machine New Shower
Engine Shop Engine Crew
R-2000 Hootch Area
Me and Manuel Field Engine Change
Downtown Nha Trang Cyclo
Staying Cool Looking For A Freedom Bird
Vung Tau Crash 1 Vung Tau Crash 2
Vung Tau Crash 3 Vung Tau Crash 4


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