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C-7A Aircraft 62-4149

Aircraft History (from the U.S. Army Otter-Caribou Association):
The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation purchased 62-4149 in 1999. Floyd Burks, along with Hal Loyer, and Bob McGregor, and others from the Foundation did the acceptance inspection on it in Long Beach, California.

This Caribou saw service from the factory to Vietnam with the 61st Aviation Co. until it was turned over to the Air Force in January, 1967, and became part of the 459th TAS. It remained on duty with the Air Force until they ferried some of the 'Bous back in 1972. It was later returned to US Army control (after the AF didn't want them anymore) and was assigned to the Connecticut AVRAD Depot. After 10 years or so, it was released to the civilian sector, sold, and was taken to Australia where it remained for two years. The aircraft returned to the US and sat in Colorado for an unknown amount of time until Catalina Flying Boat Co. of Long Beach bought it. They had plans for using it to ferry cargo to the small Islands off California. Due to runway deterioration, the airfield on the island restricted the landing weights below that of the 'Bous.

The AAHF purchased the aircraft and it is being maintained by volunteers of the Foundation and will be utilized in many air shows throughout the year 2000, even making Oshkosh in late July, 2000.

A note about the movies:
Tom took these movies using a camcorder during the Oshkosh air show in July,  2000.  He made a copy of the VHS tape and mailed it to yours truly, your friendly webmaster. My son was kind enough to digitize portions of the tape and produce QuickTime movie files of them.  There are two short segments available here (to keep the file sizes within reason for easy download).  Movie 1 is a takeoff sequence and Movie 2 is an airdrop sequence.  Each is available in two resolutions due to the large file sizes.  The best plan is to download the desired file to a directory and play it locally.  In Microsoft Internet Explorer, just right-click on the appropriate link and select "Save Target As...".  You will need a free QuickTime Player to view the movies.  This can be obtained from the Apple Computer web site.  One final note.  Be sure your speakers are turned on and the volume is turned up, so you can hear those R-2000s!
  The Movies
Movie 1

Takeoff Sequence
Movie 2

Air Drop Sequence
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Large (320 x 240) format
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