Bereavement Chairman

(Approved Aug 6, 2006)

  • Is a current member of the Association.

  • Serves as the focal point when it is learned that a person associated the C-7A Caribou has passed on.

  • Sends a condolence card on behalf of the Association to the widow or other appropriate family member that includes a squadron patch and invites honorary membership in the Association. If there is no surviving spouse, notify the remaining relatives or relative and offer an Honorary Friends of the Association designation.

  • Notifies the Roster Chairman of the change in status.

  • Attempts to locate an obituary.

  • Coordinates with the Webmaster to see that an appropriate entry is made on the web site Missing Man page.

  • Monitors email and generally responds to Association business within 24 hours.

  • Notifies the Board in the event he is unavailable for more than 3 days.


08 Aug 2006 09:53 AM