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834th Air Division


30 Aug 1957-1 Apr 1992


Established as 834th Air Division on 30 Aug 1957. Activated on 25 Sep 1957. Inactivated on 1 Apr 1959. Activated on 24 Jun 1964. Organized on 1 Jul 1964. Inactivated on 1 Dec 1971. Activated on 31 Jan 1972. Inactivated on 31 Dec 1974. Redesignated 834th Airlift Division on 23 Aug 1978. Inactivated on 1 Apr 1992.


9th Air Force, 25 Sep 1957; 18th Air Force, 1 Oct 1957; 12th Air Force, 1 Jan 1958-1 Apr 1959; Tactical Air Command, 24 Jun 1964; 9th Air Force, 1 Jul 1964; 7th Air Force, 15 Oct 1966-1 Dec 1971; 12th Air Force, 31 Jan 1972; 22nd Air Force, 1-31 Dec 1974; 22nd Air Force, 1 Oct 1978-1 Apr 1992.


Pacific Airlift: 1 Oct 1978-15 Jan 1981

3rd, 27th, 31st Tactical Fighter;
313th, 314th, 463rd, 516th Tactical Airlift ;
315th Air Commando (later 315th Special Operations, 315th Tactical Airlift)
366th Fighter-Bomber (later 366th Tactical Fighter); 401st FB (later Tactical Fighter)
483rd Troop Carrier (later 483rd Tactical Airlift, later 483rd Composite)

616th Military Airlift, 9 Aug 1990-1 Apr 1992

90th, 531st, 614th, 615th Tactical Fighter Squadrons (detached variably between 19 Nov 1965 and 17 July 1966)


England AFB, LA, 25 Sep 1957-1 Apr 1959; England AFB, LA, 1 Jul 1964-15 Oct 1966; Tan Son Nhut AB, South Vietnam, 15 Oct 1966-1 Dec 1971; Little Rock AFB, AR, 31 Jan 1972-31 Dec 1974; Hickam AFB, HI, 1 Oct 1978-1 Apr 1992


Col. Victor E. Warford, 25 Sep 1957; BG Ivan W. McElroy, c. 15 Jul 1958-1 Apr 1959; Col Richard V. Travis, 1 Jul 1964; BG William P. McBride 14 Jun 1965; Col. James J. England, 18 Jun-1 Aug 1966; Unknown, 2 Aug-12 Sep 1966; None (not manned) 13 Sep-14 Oct, 1966; BG William Moore, Jr.,30 Oct 1966; BG Hugh E. Wild, 1 Sep 1967; BG William G. Moore, Jr., 26 Sep 1967, BG Hugh E. Wild, 12 Nov 1967; MG Burl McLaughlin, 29 Nov 1967; BG John H. Herring, Jr. 23 Jun 1969; BG John H. Germeraud, 9 Jun-1 Dec, 1971; None (not manned), 31 Jan-14 Mar 1972; BG Eugene Gauch, Jr., 15 Mar 1972; Col. Robert F. Coverdale, 16 Jul-31 Dec 1974; Col. Jimmy L. Maturo, 1 Oct 1978; Col Browning C. Wharton, Jr., 30 Jun 1980; Col. Richard J. Trzaskoma, 21 Aug 1981; BG Gary H. Mears, 6 Jul 1983; BG James J. LeCleir, 20 Aug 1985; BG Vernon J. Kondra, 19 Aug 1987; GG James F. Hinkel, 31 Jul 1989-1 Apr 1992


F-84, 1957; F-100, 1957-1959; F-101, 1958-1959, F-100, 1964-1966; C-47, 1966-1971; C-123, 1966-1971; C-130, 1966-1971; UC-123, 1966-1971; C-7, 1967-1971; C-5, 1970-1971; A-37, 1971, EC-47, 1971; O-2, 1971, UH-1, 1971; C-7, 1972; C-130, 1972-1974; C-5, 1978-1992; C-9, 1978-1992;C-130, 1978-1992; C-141, 1978-1992.


The 834th Air Division assumed command and control over two fighter-bomber wings and the 834th Air Base Group in September 1957. As an intermediate echelon between the wings and TAC’s numbered air forces, the division supervised operations and training, tactical exercises, firepower demonstrations, and conducted periodic evaluations and inspections to ensure combat readiness of aircrews and equipment. By June 1964, the growing conflict in Southeast Asia demanded much of the 834th’s efforts. Late in 1966 the division deployed, without personnel or equipment, to Tan Son Nhut AB in Saigon to join 7th Air Force. Through December 1971 it served as the single manager for all tactical airlift operations in South  Vietnam, using air transport to haul cargo and troops, which were air-landed or air-dropped, as combat needs dictated. In addition, the 834th supervised transport operations, primarily C-47s, of the VNAF and the A-4 Wallaby (Caribou) transports of the Royal Australian Air Force. The 834th’s flying components also performed defoliation missions, leaflet drops, and other special missions. During its last few months in theater, the 834th worked to pass combat airlift control to 7th Air Force. From March 1972 to December 1974 the division supervised 12th Air Force tactical airlift operations and participated in a series of tactical airlift exercises and joint training missions with US Army units. Squadrons and detachments frequently deployed to points in Europe, the Canal Zone, Africa, Thailand, and elsewhere. The 834th flew many humanitarian missions to such places as Africa, the Philippines, Columbia and Honduras. In October 1978 it assumed responsibility for managing MAC airlift resources in the Pacific. For this mission, the 834th provided a single commander for MAC airlift units in the Pacific theater, command and control of theater assigned airlift forces of Pacific Air Forces; theater tactical airlift war planning and Pacific exercise planning; and aerial ports in the Pacific area to support the movement of personnel, cargo, equipment, patients and mail. The division participated in such tactical exercises as Team Spirit, Ulchi Focus Lens, and Capstan Dragon.




Vietnam: Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase I, II, III and IV; TET 69/Counteroffensive; Vietnam Summer/Fall, 1969; Vietnam Winter/Spring, 1970; Sanctuary Counteroffensive; Southwest Monsoon, Commando Hunt V, VI and VII.




Presidential Unit Citations (Vietnam) 21 Jan-12 May, 1968; 1 Apr-30 Jun 1970; Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Combat “V” Device: 15 Oct 1966-30 Apr 1967; Air Force Outstanding Unit Award: 1 Jul 1983-30 Jun 1985; Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm: 15 Oct 1966-30 Oct 1971; 15 Oct 1966-1 Dec 1971.

Source: Air Force Historical Research Agency, Maxwell AFB, Alabama


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