Policy on Memorabilia
C-7A Caribou Association

(Amended September 26, 2007)

The Memorabilia service is a means for the Association to provide items of C-7A memorabilia. The Memorabilia Chairman acquires the item and ships the item. Payment includes the cost of the item, sales tax, and shipping cost.

  1. Definitions:
    • “Association” shall mean the C-7A Caribou Association.
    • “Memorabilia” shall mean those items purchased with Association funds or with the expectation of reimbursement with Association funds, which are available to members at an official Association reunion or event and via the web site or information in the newsletter
    • “Stocked Memorabilia” shall mean those items of memorabilia that have been previously approved by the Board and are listed in the on-line Memorabilia page of the web site and in a list maintained by the Memorabilia Chairman.
    • “In writing” shall mean either a conventional written letter or an email.
  1. Every effort shall be made to keep the cost of the running inventory under $6,000, although it is understood that there may be a need to exceed this limit during the period around a reunion.
  2. Maintaining inventory of stocked memorabilia shall only require coordination between the Memorabilia Chairman and the Treasurer. Since these items have previously been approved by the Board, further Board action is not required.
  3. Before any person shall make any commitment to add a new stocked memorabilia item or a one-time memorabilia item for a reunion, said purchase must be approved by a majority vote of the Board. Removal of an item from the stocked memorabilia items list shall also require Board approval.
  4. Approval of a Memorabilia item:
    1. The person proposing the addition of a Memorabilia item to the approved list shall provide the following information, in writing, to the Board:
      1. A full description of the item(s) proposed.
      2. The proposed quantity of items to be purchased.
      3. If the item is an article of clothing, the sizes and quantity of each.
      4. The name of the vendor and the vendor-quoted price for the item. A shipping cost may be added to the cost of the item.
      5. The proposed donation requested for the item(s).
    2. The Board shall:
      1. Review the request.
      2. Deny the request completely, approve the request in a modified form, or approve the request as submitted.
      3. Request additional information before proceeding, if necessary.
      4. Act in as prompt a manner as possible, consistent with a proper review.
      5. Provide its decision in writing.
  5. Should any individual make a purchase without going through this approval process, the Association is not required to assume responsibility for the costs and is not obligated to add the item to the list of Stocked Memorabilia.
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