The Dyess AFB Memorial

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Charles Brent Ross —

I first met Brent Ross in 1964, during my Sophomore year at Indiana University. In the mid 60's, every male attending a land grant, or State University was required to take a minimum of two years of ROTC. At IU, you had the option of the Army or Air Force, and I think we both chose the Air Force without really thinking that we might become pilots one day. We were in different fraternities (he was an ATO and I was an SAE) but we saw each other in class and other social activities. We really became friends during our summer training experience at Little Rock AFB in 1966. Brent and I roomed with Jan Reifenberg (Notre Dame) and another guy whose name I do not remember. The three of us took the training very seriously, but also did our best to keep things in perspective. Brent was a very talented entertainer. He had a unending stream of jokes, anecdotes, jody calls and humorous stories that could bring laughter to the point of tears. He played the guitar and sang like a pro. I am convinced, that had he lived, he would have become a full time entertainer.

Brent and his wife Sheila, along with Jan Reifenberg, attended our wedding in 1967. My wife and I went on to Big Spring, Texas in the fall of 1967 to begin UPT (69-03) at Webb AFB. We were about six months in front of Brent's class at Webb. Like Brent, Jan also became a C-7 jock and was part of the 537th. My first assignment was to the 30th MAS at McGuire AFB in a C-141. I learned of Brent's death in September of 1969 when I returned from one of my SEA trips. My Mother had seen the newspaper article in the Indianapolis News (Brent was from Brazil, IN), and she called to tell us how badly she felt for all those who knew Brent. I still have that newspaper article. Brent may have only spent 24 years on this earth, but he is someone I will always remember, and I still miss him.

Respectfully submitted, 
Hugh K. "Boo" Sinnock


13 Jan 2009 03:31 PM