Board Motions SOP

(Approved Jan 25, 2004)

  • If you have a motion to make, present it to the Board and the COB will wait for a second. When a second is received, the COB will present it to the Board for discussion.
  • Board members will be expected to present their comments to the COB with in 3 days of motion being made. Members will have one turn in the round of discussion. After the round of discussion the COB will, with the maker of the motion attempt to resolve the issues the Board members have made. The revised motion will be submitted to the Board for a vote. Board members will have 3 days to vote. If the motion is defeated, it will be dropped from consideration by the Board.
  • If the maker of the motion wants to reintroduce a similar motion, they would have to get at least one of the "no" voters to approve and second the motion. And the COB would present it for discussion.
10 Sep 2005 06:31 PM