Volume 1, Issue 9

July 1999 

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1998 Dayton Reunion Business Meeting Minutes
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Tucson Reunion NOV 11 - 14

Tucson's weather is perfect in November. We have many optional activities with an emphasis on interesting things for the women while the men are doing their thing.

Reunion Activity Overview:

For recommendations on Tucson attractions, the following are our suggestions. We want provide interesting options those who wish to come to Tucson earlier in the week or who might choose attractions other than the Nogales trip on Friday or the PIMA Air and Space Museum on Saturday.

We will have options available for the ladies that include shopping and city tours. At the reunion registration, we will have brochures on most of the Tucson area attractions and sign up sheets from which we will be able to organize activities of your choice that were not previously designated. Each evening we will have a scheduled meeting to coordinate for the following days activities.

If you are interested in saving a few dollars and at the same time going with other Caribou folks to areas of interest, we have coordinated with most of them for group rates. We need to meet the minimum group numbers to qualify for some discounted entrance fees. There are always enough folks with there own cars to take those who don’t have cars; therefore we will coordinate all transportation for planned activities. Maps and directions to recommended sites will be provided. We are suggesting the following schedule for group activities:


  • For those going to Nogales-Tubac- Xavier tour, I’ve coordinated for the bus to take a swing through the bone yard on the way down to Mexico. The additional cost for this will be at group rates of $3.50 per person. If you don’t wish to go on this portion we coordinate for an area where you might wait during this 50-minute swing through Davis-Monthan.
  • For others we recommend the following: Depart from the hotel at 0845 and drive to the Sabina Canyon Tram Ride ($6). After Sabina Canyon we can do lunch at either El Charro’s, Luby’s Cafeteria or Nomads. After lunch, the ladies who wish to split away will do the El Mercado Plaza then the Plaza Palomino. The men and any ladies who wish will then go to the PIMA Air and Space Museum for the 1315 museum tour and then the 1530 bone yard tour. Remember that the Davis-Monthan bone yard tour is not available on Saturday or Sunday.


  • For those unable to make the Friday PIMA tour, plan to arrive at the PIMA Air and Space Museum before 1000 to process in for the 1015 tour. For lunch, the PIMA has eating facilities or you might want to eat at the Mi Nidito (Mexican) -- 1813 S. 4th. This is not very far from PIMA.
  • For those who did PIMA on Friday, consider going through the Living Desert Museum in the Sonora Desert. We will leave the hotel at 0815 for the Living Desert Museum. It is about a 45 minute drive out there through the beautiful desert with lookouts on the way.
  • While the men are in the afternoon business meeting that begins at 1400, the ladies will take a van tour of the Tucson area or do a shopping area.  

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Such A Deal!

From the Tucson reunion coordinator Wayne DeLawter

Because we were leery of doing business unseen, Patty and I spent a week in Tucson in June to check out the hotel facilities and the attractions. 

We met with Chris Christensen and Ira Godwin at the hotel twice to discuss the facilities and reunion details. What we learned was that we are getting a great deal. First of all, our hotel rate of $67 per night at the DoubleTree Suites, a quality hotel, is 39% less than the normal rate of $109 and our guests get a full complementary breakfast each morning. It is handicapped accessible with ramps and elevators.

Our special group rate is good for 3 days before to 3 days after our reunion — the 8th through the 16th of November, so for those wishing to make a week's vacation of it, you won't find a better value! A reminder: these rates are only good for those who made their reservations before October 11th if availability allows. Get your reserva-tion in ASAP.

Note: There are two DoubleTree hotels in Tucson — ours is the one at 6555 Speedway Blvd. The phone number for central reservations is 800-222-8733 — be sure to tell them that you are with the Caribou Association. The phone number at the hotel is 520-721-7100.

The Nogales, Tubac, San Xavier tour normally costs $96 per person but I got the rate down to $40 per person and talked them into including the lunch in Nogales as part of the deal (this isn't normally included in the $96 price). If we get enough in each group for the other suggested attractions we will get special group rates at all locations.

For our planning purposes, please complete and mail-in the form listing your desires for the attractions with the record of how you are voting on the officers, by-laws, etc., as soon as possible.

We have an arrangement with the PIMA Air & Space Museum and the Davis-Monthan bone yard tour that will give special rates for our members that arrive in groups, so we will work to affect this.

Our banquet meal is just $16 per person -- unheard of in a hotel of this quality.

Those of us who have been involved with this reunion are excited about the prospects of our reunion camaraderie in a beautiful vacation setting. To take part in the scheduled events as a part of groups enjoying to Tucson sites or to just lounge around the hotel is up to you. Either way, you'll enjoy this reunion.  

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Tucson's Restaurants

Tucson has all the national restaurants, so the restaurant recommendations are mostly limited to those that are in the vicinity of the hotel and unique to Tucson. All are very good and low to moderately priced menus unless noted. Actual menus of most of the following restaurants will be available for review in the hospitality suite. With a great number of exceptionally fine restaurants in Tucson we will not have a designated eat-together restaurant on Thursday or Friday nights. Rather, we will have restaurant menus and sign up sheets for the various dining choices available, not to make reservations but to pair up those who might want to drive together to the restaurants.


  • El Charro Café - 6310 E. Broadway
  • La Fuente -1749 North Oracle


  • Saguaro Corner — 3750 S. Old Spanish Trail
  • Lil Abner’s Steakhouse — 8500 N. Silverbell
  • Daisy Mae’s Steakhouse — 2735 W. Anklam
  • El Corral — 2201 E. River Road
  • Pinnacle Peak — 6541 E. Tanque Verde Road


  • Anthony’s in the Catalinas — 6440 N. Campbell
          — very nice, more expensive, overlooks city.
  • Gavi Italian Restaurant -- 7865 E. Broadway


  • Luby's -- Kolb Street  

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Tucson Area Attractions

For those with internet access, a good Tucson site for attraction information for information not listed below is: www.cityspin.com

PIMA Air and Space Museum, 6000 E. Valencia Road — Website: www.pimaair.org  
Huge array of both military and commercial aircraft, some in hangers. Walking tours are provided for $6.50 and for an additional $3.00 a narrated tram is available. Two tours lasting about 2 hours each begin at 1015 and at 1315 each day of the week.

DM Aircraft Maintenance & Regeneration Center (Bone Yard) Tour
Only the PIMA Air & Space Museum operate these 50-minute van or bus tours. They are available only Monday through Friday of each week. Each person on the tour must show a photo ID (not necessarily military ID) to be allowed on the base on this tour. Scheduled departure times are 0930, 1100, 1230, 1400, and 1530. The cost for groups of 20 or more or seniors age (62+) or AAA members is $3.50 per person. Individuals not in a group and not meeting the above criteria are charged $5.00.

Sabino Canyon Tram Ride
5900 N. Sabino Canyon Road, Tucson, AZ 85715.
Information/Tour schedules: 602-749-2861.
A shuttle bus operates every day and is narrated round trip of 45 minutes. It travels the most cameraworthy scenery in the Tucson area. Cost: $6 or $5 if we have groups of 20 or more.

Sonora Desert Museum
$8.95 as an individual or $7.50 if enough folks go together as a group.

Old Pueblo Tours
4 or 6 1/2 hour tours of Tucson’s interesting sites which include De Grazia’s Gallery in the Sun, Arizona Historical Society Museum, Old Town Artisans, “A” Mountain, and Mission San Xavier del Bac.

Palomino Plaza
Swan Rd & F. Lowell
Unique shopping in a Spanish setting where the ladies will find southwest styles, exotic fashions, contemporary trends and custom creations.

Biosphere 2 Center
30 minutes north of Tucson in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Tour guides will guide you through the campus, explaining the renowned Biosphere 2 project, pointing out features of the landscape and escorting you through the “Climate change and Life on Earth Exhibition.”

The Festival of the Arts
Will take place on November 13-14 (Sat & Sun). The Plaza bustles with artisans, crafts, holiday gifts, entertainment and food during this annual festival. Located at Holy Trinity Monastery, St. David, AZ between Benson and Tombstone (about an hour drive). This would be good for the ladies on Saturday or on Sunday for those remaining in the area after our reunion.

Located 60 miles from Tucson, this is the most famous mining town in America. Notorious for saloons, gambling houses and the Earp-Clanton shoot-out, in the 1880’s. Attractions include the O.K. Corral, Boothill Graveyard (free), the Bird Cage Theatre, the Crystal Palace, the Tombstone Courthouse, now a museum ($2.50), the Tombstone Epitaph, the West’s most famous newspaper, which has for over 100 years chronicled Western History.

Titan Missile Museum
20 minutes south. The only Titan II missile and silo kept after 1987.  

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Most airline fares are less for flying into Phoenix than flying directly into Tucson. We were able to rent a midsize car for $103 for a week at the Phoenix airport and drove down to Tucson. The distance from Phoenix to Tucson is 102 miles but the speed limit on I-10 is 75 mph, so you can drive it in about and hour and a half.

Those thinking of driving themselves to Nogales, Mexico (about 60 miles) need to be aware that because of tighter border crossing restrictions there is always a long vehicle processing wait to make the crossings from both directions. The transportation operators all say that they don’t even try to make the crossing into Mexico when the border guards are tightening down, but park short of the border. If this happens, everyone will need to walk over the border then walk about 8 blocks (exercise for the day) to the shopping and restaurant areas. 

Driving on Davis-Monthan AFB
Security has tightened. Without a current base sticker on your car you must apply for a temporary base pass at the main base gate at Craycroft & Golf Links Rd. To register you will need your driver's license, proof of insurance and auto registration.  

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Caribou Courier Articles

The Caribou Courier was the 438th Troop Carrier Wing newsletter that Colonel Paul Mascot began producing on a monthly basis soon after the USAF took possesion of the Bou. The following are articles from some of the squadrons during 1967 -- the first year of the Bou's operation.

At 1500 hours on 4May67 the Troop Carrier Squadrons were alerted for possible tactical emergency airlift by C-7A aircraft of IIFFV troops. Lt Col Akin, Operations Officer of the 536TCS, was appointed mission commander. Crews were formed in both squadrons and aircraft prepared for immediate launch.
Crew #1 in the 535TCS consisted of Lt Col Walter Simons Jr, Pilot, 42, Newport-News, VA; 1/Lt Roger H. Miller, Co-pilot, 25, Andrews, IN, and SSgt Eure D> Hunter, Flight Mechanic, 32, of Dallas, TX.
Crew #2 was Capt Elmer L. Johnson, Pilot, 34, Lafayette, IN; 1/Lt Allan J. Stinson, Co-pilot, 25 of Solon, OH and SSgt Joseph H. Shaffer, Flight Mechanic, 34, of Plainview. TX.
Crew #3 was Capt Hugh T. Gunn, 32, of Elizabethtown, PA; 1:Lt Darol V. Holsman, Co-pilot, 23, of Duluth, MN and TSgt Robert H. Nunnery, Flight Mechanic, 36, of Summit, MS. 
In the 536TCS crew #1 was Capt Jim Hope, Pilot; Capt Mike Jeffers, Co-pilot; SSgt William W. Brandon, and A1C Larry J. Marburger, Flight Mechanics.
Crew #2 was Major Jim Hagler, Pilot; Major Don Harz, Co-pilot; TSgt Gerhard W. Albrict and SSgt Bobby G. Bailey, Flight Mechanics.
Crew #3 were Captains Joe Havas, Pilot; Jack Saux and Earl Shoff, Co-pilots; SSgt Norman W. Couthran and Rocco Paciello Jr, Flight Mechanics.
Shortly after 1700 hours aircraft and crews were launched from Phu Cat AB to Bien Hoa AB. There the crewmembers were briefed on the landing strip and approach and landing procedures for Long Giao.
The first aircraft, loaded with combat troops was launched from Phu Cat AB at 1903 hours. The rest followed at five-minute intervals.
Lowering skies halted the mission for thirty minutes until Col Akin, flying one of the sorties, found the weather acceptable and launched were resumed. In all, a total of 28 sorties were flown into Long Giao. Five hundred twelve combat troops and 5.7 tons of supplies were air landed. One C-7A suffered one hit from enemy small arms fire during this action. Only one Caribou was allowed to land and off load passengers at any one time due to the limited parking space and heavy helicopter traffic.
TSgt Robert H. Nunnery said this about the mission. "We were on-loading heavy weapons, vehicles and troops at midnight when someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I wanted a cup of coffee. I turned and there stood two American Red Cross girls who were meeting aircraft and convoy troops to serve them coffee at midnight. That surely was great."

The 457TCS weekly Operations meeting ended in a lighter note Wednesday night. The Junior Officers Council (unofficial) of the 457th made a presentation to the senior citizens of apartment #1 Quonset A-3.
A plaque was presented to the apartment commander Lt Col Guy which read "PAPA GUYA'S NURSING HOME." The following citation was presented with the plaque and was read for those present by 1/Lt Jeffery D. Baker.

"Citation to accompany the award of the dedication of Papa Guya's Nursing Home for Geriatric Cases only.
This award is presented to the elderly men of apartment #1 Quonset A-3 for their selfless devotion to duty from the period 1 Jan 1967 to 1 Apr 1967 in the face of stampeding old age. During this period these six tireless senior citizens repeatedly exposed themselves to the many perils of war in the delivery of much needed supplies to Vung Tau and Phu Cat, under the name Mission 90.
It is through their efforts that though tired and worn, the mighty Caribou miraculously like themselves continues to function.
In tribute to their accomplishments the junior officers of the 457th TCS pay homage to these overworked, underpaid, fearless leaders whose courage is only tarnished by the dirt of time on their many leaves.
Their unending devotion to duty reflect great credit upon themselves and old folks everywhere."

Doesn't the above look like vintage Nick Evanish? -- a young 457th pilot back then!!

On 24 March, the 458th Troop Carrier Squadron Detachment at Da Nang AB was alerted for a mission in support of the 5th Special Forces Group Airborne. Three aircraft and crews were required to transport 100 MIKE Force Troops with rations and water to Bu Dop AB, five miles from the Cambodian border. All crewmembers had flown a regular 12 hour crew day when alerted.

The first crew consisted of Major Bob J. Wann, Aircraft Commander and Mission Commander; Major Robert S. Hopkins, Pilot; and A2C George W. Coates, Crew Chief. They were airborne at 1930 hrs local, less than on hour after alerting.
The second aircraft with Capt Paul F. Hodgins, Aircraft Commander; 1st Lt Wayne E. DeLawter, Pilot; and SSgt Frank R. Felix, Crew Chief ; were airborne five minutes behind the lead aircraft.
The third aircraft with Major Bruce A. Roberts, Aircraft Commander; 1st Lt Richard H. Solem, Pilot; and A1C Samuel R. Byers; were last off, ten minutes behind the leader.
Major Roberts described the mission in the following words. "Most of us were in the Mess Hall eating when we were alerted for this mission. We had all just completed a long day of flying for the 5th Special Forces."

"We had completed our preflight when the troops arrived at the aircraft for loading. We leaped off, one after another, and started climbing westward over the mountains."
"Visibility was down to 1 1/2 miles due to smoke from the many forest fires in the landing area. The field was lit with burning oil drums. After Major Wann landed, he advised us to remain in the air until he had off-loaded and taken off again due to the clouds of red clay dust he had raised upon landing. When our turn came we landed, and offloaded with the engines running. We weren't on the ground more than five minutes."
Editorial note: Unfortunately the camp where we took those troops that night was reportedly overrun by the VC later that night. There were no camp or MIKE force survivors.

The 537th Troop carrier Squadron is blessed with its own one-man bagpipe and marching corp. Huffing and puffing on one of his three sets of bagpipes, A2C William T. Robertson III is the musical pride of the squadron.
With nearly 19 years of practice, Airman Robertson provides a quantity and quality of entertainment of unusual proportions. Taught to play by his father, Airman Robertson has played with several pipe bands, his most recent experience being with the Peoria Pipe Band of Peoria, IL.
Airman Robertson auditioned for a piper's position with the Continental Air Command Pipe Band, but orders to Vietnam cut his ambitions short. After finishing his tour in Vietnam as a crew chief on the Caribou, Airman Robertson's dream is that someday he may command a piper's slot with the piper's band of either the Continental Air command or the USAF band. In the meantime, the 537th looks forward to having access to the unique talents of this kilted Airman.

The 459th Troop Carrier Squadron at Phu Cat AB, RVN is headed by Lt Col Edward J. Thielen who hails from Milwaukee, WN. The unit was activated 1 Jan 67. Prior to the activation of the 459th the personnel were attached to the 92nd Aviation Company, located at Qui Nhon Air Field, RVN. 
The primary mission of the 459th is to support the Army's Special Forces. While Phu Cat is the home of the 459th its arms extend from Phu Cat to Pleiku and Da Nang. The recent combined efforts of Major Phillip Anderson, 1/Lt Serge P. Molohosky, TSgt Zane A.Carter, and SSgt Royce D. Pierce at Dan Nang, resulted in a record combination load of 80,000 pounds of cargo and passengers from Quang Ngai to Bato, 25 miles away. It took six hours flying time and 27 landings and takeoffs for the Caribou to set the total tonnage record for a single day's operation. This is but one outstanding accomplishment since the C-7A aircraft was transferred to the USAF's inventory.
The outstanding maintenance performance at Phu Cat can be attributed to professional supervision accomplished by CWO-W4 Ellis. CWO Ellis was in charge of the advance party that constructed the maintenance complex. For his extraordinary accomplishment the maintenance complex area is now called "ELLISVILLE."

MSgt Coats, NCOIC of the 483rd CAMRON AGE Branch, recently used his initiative and ingenuity to modify a condemned F-6 refueling trailer into a portable vehicle wash facility. This trailer was modified by SSgt Loose and A1C Whitten to allow two water hoses to be operated simultaneously, allowing expedient washing of aircraft. On 19 June 67, this unit was placed in an assembly line with a vacuum cleaner and solvent spray unit to set up a speedy car wash facility for the purpose of washing all vehicles belonging to the 483rd TCW at Cam Ranh Bay.
The speedy car wash utilized three stations and 11 men. The first station emptied ash trays, swept and/or
Vacuumed as required. The second station scrubbed the interior and exterior and sprayed cleaning fluid on the engine, and under the fenders, etc, then rinsed all the soapy water and cleaning solvent off. The third station then immediately dried the vehicle down, cleaning the windows, instrument panels, etc.
These men started to work at 0800 hrs and completed at 1600 hrs, taking an hour and a half off for lunch, thus giving them only six hours and thirty minutes to completely wash the interior, exterior, engine and underside of 57 vehicles ranging from jeeps to forklifts to a 5 ton M-246 wrecker. This was an average of 11.53 minutes per vehicle to completely clean the vehicles.
The following men participated in this project: SSgt Ellison, A1C Bagley, A2C Gage, A2C Conelly, all of the 483CAM Sq; A1C Clouse, A2C Clark, A2C Streeter of the 458thTCS; A1C Gordon, A1C Warga of the 457thTCS; A2C Mobley, A2C Smith, and A2C Louthen of the 483TCW.  


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1998 Dayton Reunion Business Meeting Minutes

The following is a copy of the recorded minutes of the 1998 Dayton reunion business meeting.

Caribou Association 1998 General Membership Meeting 

The general membership meeting was held August 29, 1998 at the Hope Hotel, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. There were 23 members present. The following subjects were considered:

  1. The membership approved the purchase of a computer for Nick at the 1997 meeting. Nick has purchased the computer. A motion was made to also authorize the payment for AOL (approximately $21 a month) since so much of the Association business is being accomplished on the Internet. Motion was approved.
  2. A discussion of the title to a certificate of deposit in the amount of $10,000 showed that Nick and his wife Myrna as the owners. A motion was made that the title be changed to Nick and Bob Dugan. Motion was approved.
  3. A motion was made to elect Bob Dugan as a co-treasurer. Motion was approved, but Bob voiced reservations about whether he would be able to assume this position due to a commitment with another reunion group. With no other nominations or volunteers for this position it was discussed and decided that the board members would be authorized to select a treasurer and any other officers deemed appropriate, who would immediately assume those duties as soon as possible.
  4. Considerable time was spent discussing how the reunion should be conducted. The general agreement was that there should be more long range planning so that people will have time to plan to attend. The membership also stressed that the reunion should be more structured, on the order of the Seattle reunion which was run by Jim Furlong. A poll conducted thru the newsletter showed that 22% of the respondents preferred to have a reunion every year. While 52% would prefer every other year and 27% would like a reunion every 3 years. A decision was not made concerning a change from an annual reunion. A discussion of a free booze bar was also held. All of those present, with the exception of Nick, agreed. There was also an agreement that association money should be used to subsidize the reunion, again with only Nick dissenting. Everyone agreed that every effort should be made to accommodate those persons with special dietary requirements at the dinner. All this can be accomplished by more long term planning and notification to the members. A motion was made to authorize Milt to investigate the feasibility of having a third party organize the reunion with the association picking up some of the cost. The motion was approved.
  5. A motion was made to add enlisted members to the Steering Committee. Steve Kelley and Bill Avon were nominated and elected.
  6. There is a need for a central repository for e-mail addresses. A decision was not made on this subject.
  7. A discussion as to the location and time of the next reunion was held. The general agreement was for Tucson in Oct or Nov of 1999. As stated above, Milt will check out prices and preferred times for the reunion.

Jim Collier, Meeting Recorder
October 20, 1998  

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Proposed By-Laws

Proposed By-Laws for membership consideration

Caribou Association By-Laws

Article 1 Preamble

This association is composed primarily of persons formerly associated with the C-7A Caribou who come together through communication and fellowship to remember their service to the United States of America.

Article 2 Name

This association shall be known as the "Caribou Association."

Article 3 Purposes

The Caribou Association is formed to foster fellowship among those who have flown, maintained, or supported the C-7A Caribou; to maintain interest in the C-7A Caribou and in its mission; to maintain a roster of persons who may be entitled to membership; to continue to communicate with persons eligible to join the association; and to hold reunions of its members.

Article 4 Membership

  1. Membership in the Caribou Association is unrestricted, but is open mainly to those people who either flew or maintained the C-7A Caribou. For a person to be considered an active member they must have either paid dues for the current year or previous year, or, if in the future the dues are waived or eliminated, have attended one of the last two reunions. Membership may be activated by paying dues or notifying the membership to secretary of the association of the desire to become a member.
  2. Meetings  A business meeting will be held at each reunion for the purpose of reviewing the association's financial status, plans and actions, to elect officers and committee persons and to bring unresolved issues before the membership for resolution. Meetings will follow the Robert's Rules of Order as a basis for meeting conduct. Minutes will be recorded.
  3. Quorum  Ten (10) per cent of the active membership present or represented by proxy at the reunion meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of official business. If a quorum is present at a meeting, the affirmative vote of the majority of the active members present or represented by signed proxy shall be the act of the membership.
  4. Meeting and voting by mail  Voting participation by fifty-one percent of the total active membership shall constitute a quorum for the purposes of meeting and voting by mail. If a quorum is obtained, the affirmative vote of the majority of the votes cast shall be the act of the membership. If a quorum is not obtained a grace period of an additional thirty days may be used to obtain a quorum and resolve the issue.
  5. Eligibility  Only active members may vote on issues. An active member is one who has paid dues for the current year, or the previous year, or, if dues are waived, has attended one of the last two reunions.

Article 5 Authority and Management

The Caribou Association shall be governed by the membership of the association, unless delegated to the association's officers and the board by these by-laws or by the membership. The association's officers and board shall manage the association between reunion business meetings by using internet email as the usual mode of communication. 

Article 6 Organization

  1. Officers  The association shall have a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer elected by the membership, generally at the annual business meeting. Appointments to fill association officer, also termed "staff members," vacancies occurring between reunions may be made by the staff and the board. Duties are to conduct the associations business between reunions. The president shall be a member of the coordinating committee. All staff members will normally be members of the board.
  2. Board  The association will have a governing committee called the "board" that is elected by the membership, generally at the annual business meeting that reflects the make-up of the general membership. Duties of the board are to resolve any policy issues in accordance with these by-laws and perform any other functions which the membership may delegate to it. The board shall elect a chairman, who shall serve during its term. The chairman shall coordinate issues, activities and motions. Passage of motions shall be by a majority vote. Appointments may be made by the remaining members of the officers and board members to fill vacancies on the board or to any vacated association officer position between reunions.
  3. Elections of association officers and board. Any active member is eligible for election as an officer in the association or as a board member.
  4. Term of office  The term of office for officers and board members shall be for one year, or until the next reunion. There is no limitation on successive terms.

Article 7 Amendments to By-laws

The by-laws may be amended or initially adopted by the vote of the active membership according to the procedures for a vote by mail in Article 4.
Only amendments proposed by the board or submitted to the secretary of the association over the signatures of five percent (5%) of active members shall be submitted for vote. A ballot with an explanation of the effect of any amendment shall be submitted to active members.

End of the proposed By-Laws

We are asking all active Caribou Association members, whether attending this year's Tucson reunion or not, to vote for or against the above by-laws by completing the enclosed ballot. Place your ballot in the enclosed return addressed envelope and mail it.

Active members' votes will be considered valid if post marked no later than September 15th. Nonactive members (those with less than T98 membership status) may use this same envelope to enclose to enclose your $10 membership dues to activate your membership that will allow your vote to be counted.

Dues are used to fund the cost of our newsletters, reunion notices, reunion deposits/overages and administrative costs.

For those coming to the reunion, you may use this same enclosed envelope to return your choices of activities check off form.  

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By-Laws Ballot

Your ballot is in the printed July newsletter.  If you cannot find it, use the link below to recreate it.  Since the ballot is in a fixed format, it is provided in Adobe Acrobat format.  Simply click on the link and print it from Acrobat.  If you do not have Acrobat, get your free copy here:

Get your ballot here.

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Treasurer's Report

Caribou Association Cash Flow Report as of 7/10/99
1/1/99 Through 7/10/99
Category Description

Advance Reunion99 1,406.00
Dues 770.00
Interest Inc 250.06
Other Inc 4.00
Bank Charge 39.91
Postage and Delivery 394.19


Caribou Association Accounts as of 7/10/99

  Account Balance 3/1/99 Account Balance 7/10/99

Cash and Bank Accounts


Hancock Association Act

0.00 2,845.90

Money Market - USAA

15,013.50 15,250.06
TOTAL Cash and Bank Accounts 15,013.50 18,095.96

Prior Treasurer

3,020.83 1,520.83

Reunion Contract Deposits

0.00 400.00
TOTAL OTHER ASSETS 3,020.83 1,920.83
TOTAL ASSETS 18,034.33 20,016.79
OVERALL TOTAL 18,034.33 20,016.79

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The Editor's Corner



General Chris Christensen was the 438th Troop Carrier Wing Commander when Operation SantaBoo was introduced to RVN. He will give us the background on this at the Tucson Reunion in November.  

Look for this sign above the door of the Tucson Hospitality Suite!



If there is an interest in computer instruction, specifically MS Word, America Online and MS Windows, we will try to have a session or two sometime during the week. Nick, or Nevanish@AOL.COM as we know him, has become probably the most proficient AOL man in the country.  

Which Military Service Is The Best

A Soldier, a Sailor, an Airman and a Marine got into an argument about which service is "The Best." The arguing became so heated, that they eventually ended up killing each other. Soon, they found themselves at the Pearly Gates of Heaven. They meet St. Peter and decide that only He would be the ultimate source of truth and honesty, so they ask him:

"St. Peter, which branch of the American Armed Forces is the best?" 

St. Peter instantly replies: "I can't answer that. But, I will ask God what he thinks the next time I see him."

Some time later the four warriors see St. Peter again and remind him of the question and ask if he was able to find the answer. Suddenly, a sparkling white dove lands on St. Peter's shoulder. In the dove's beak is a note with glistening gold dust. St. Peter says to the four men, "Your answer from the Boss... Let's see what he says." 

As St. Peter opened the note, trumpets blare, gold dust drifts into the air, harps play crescendos and St. Peter read it aloud to the four young men:

 Which Military Service Is The Best? 

"Gentlemen, all the Branches of the Armed Services are 'Honorable and Noble.' Each of you serves your country well and with distinction. Being a member of the American Armed Forces represents a special calling warranting special respect, tribute, and dedication. Be proud of that."

Very Respectfully,

, USAF (Ret.)  

Thanks for the good work
This newsletter and reunion is a product of a lot of work from not only the seven board members but also Jim Collier, Chris Christensen, Bob Dugan, Ira Godwin, Dave Hutchens and Jay Yovin. Most especially, Jim Collier, our secretary, deserves a tremendous amount of thanks — he has done an unbelievable job in recording business issues, developing a membership database, developing and coordinating the reunion mailings in addition to coordinating reunion administrative issues.

Thanks guys,
Wayne DeLawter  

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Our Own Website!


We have stepped into the new information age with a website of our own. Peter Bird, a 535th pilot who flew the Bou in 1971 has developed a website for us. He has volunteered to maintain it as the webmaster.

We hope to post reunion information any other information that might be helpful to any of our members or future members. For example, if there are questions about the reunion or the association that are frequently asked, we'll post the Q & A's to it. If you lose your copy of this newsletter, we may have the entire newsletter posted on the website. 

Pete has asked for a single point of contact for coordinating information to him. Our president, Nick Evanish is that person.

As of this moment the website has not been refined, but we hope to have some useful information posted on it soon. Let us know what you think of the website.  

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Volunteers Needed

The Association is always looking for volunteers to contribute to its improvement. It's natural that most of the work is accomplished by the staff or board members but as they say, the more the merrier. For example, in the future we hope to have articles from each squadron to place in the newsletters. Most of our input has been from those who were in the early years of the USAF Caribou operation. We need articles or stories from later years for good coverage of all year groups.

Pete Bird has volunteered to manage our website. Bob Dugan has always been a great contributor both at and between the reunions as a source of information that has been helpful to the board and staff.  

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29 Jan 2000 02:48 PM