Policy on Newsletter and Related Communications
C-7A Caribou Association

(Added 21 September 2007)


Mailing of printed material serves as the official communications vehicle of the Association. The primary purpose of the newsletter is to assure that everyone in the Association gets timely news, especially regarding reunions past and upcoming, although other material of general interest may be included. There are several other types of printed material that are also produced and this document serves as the guide for all printed and mailed documents.

  • Association Newsletters:

    • Mailed only to qualified members who have not opted for electronic delivery.

    • Qualified members consist of all active members and all members whose dues are no more than one year in arrears at the time of the mailing.

    • Published and mailed approximately 120 calendar days prior to the first day of the reunion and approximately 120 days after the first day of the reunion.

    • The pre-reunion newsletter includes upcoming reunion information.

    • The post-reunion newsletter includes a summary of the events of the reunion for those members who were unable to attend.

    • Suggested length is not more than 24 pages, although this may be determined to be more or less, consistent with postage rates in effect at the time of mailing.

    • The intent of the newsletters is to provide all qualified members with a minimum of two newsletters per calendar year to keep them current with Association business and events.

  • Association Reunion Flyer:

    • Normally, one flyer will be mailed between each reunion to all persons with addresses on the roster.

    • The reunion flyer is printed and mailed approximately 60 calendar days prior to the first day of the reunion. This flyer repeats reunion related information included in the pre-reunion newsletter and any last minute changes of interest to the membership. The Reunion Planner and Newsletter Editor will actively coordinate all necessary information.

    • Suggested length is 4 pages with a separate 8.5" x 11" sign-up sheet to be returned with payment for the event.

    • The intent of the flyer is to reach all viable addresses on the Roster to inform everyone of the upcoming reunion.

  • Association Dues Reminder:

    • The dues reminder is printed and mailed to arrive in early January of each year, reminding the membership that annual dues are to be paid. It is recommended that this mailing be in the form of a post card. This mailing will be sent to all members whose dues are due for the year when the reminder is send and those who are from one to four years overdue as of 1 January or as directed by the Board after appropriate analysis of the Roster.

    • The intent of the dues reminder is to inform recently-lapsed active members of their status and encourage them to remit their dues to become active again.

  • Other Mailings:

    • The Board will coordinate with the Newsletter Editor and approve other mailings as it deems fit.

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