Chief Reunion Planner/Reunion Planner

(Amended 8 Aug. 2006)

  • Is a current member of the Association
  • Is appointed by the President and COB
  • Should attend recurrent training at event planning seminars at least every third year
  • Revise RFP to meet Associationís requirements
  • Search potential reunion sites that meet RFP criteria using the Associationís RFP.
  • Obtains Presidentís and COB approval for future reunion sites.
  • Ensures that hotels and vendors contracts conform to as much of the RFP criteria as possible
  • Provides a copy of contracts for review by our reunion legal council advisor before signing
  • Is the single point of contact for all hotel and vendor contracts and service agreements
  • Develop meeting and event schedule with the appropriate hotel, vendor or Association POC. Before finalized, seek approval from the appropriate board members.
  • Develops an Association Reunion Registration Form.
  • Is the POC for on-site reviewing and approving contractual issues such as complimentary rooms.
  • Does not develop any business meeting or other program details.
  • Routine communication to keep the board advised of plans (is normally limited to the Association President and the COB)
  • Notifies the President and COB in the event he is unavailable for more than 3 days
08 Aug 2006 06:56 PM