The C-7A Caribou Association
1999 Reunion Proceedings


Minutes of the 1999 C-7A Caribou Association Business Meeting

  1. CALL TO ORDER Tucson Arizona, November 13, 1999 
    President Nick Evanish was not present and the meeting was called to order by Vice President John Soper. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Secretary Jim Collier advised that there were 360 paid members and that according to the bylaws, 10% or 36 members would be required for a quorum. 58 members were present.
    A motion was made to accept the Dayton Reunion Minutes, 29 August 1998, as posted in the Newsletter in lieu of reading the minutes. The motion was passed.
    Vice President John Soper welcomed the members present at the meeting. He explained the Board of Directors duties. He extended compliments to Wayne Delawter for his outstanding efforts in sponsoring the 1999 Reunion and publishing the Newsletter.

Secretary Jim Collier reported that we had 42 new members and 154 Tax renewing members in 1999.

Treasurer Earl Reynolds presented the following report.

C-7A Caribou Association Assets
As of 12/31/99

Account Balance
  Cash and Bank Accounts  
    Hancock Association Acct $2,268.36
    Money Market - USAA $15,642.89
  TOTAL Cash and Bank Accounts $17,911.25
  Other Assets  
    Prior Treasurer $0.00
    Reunion Contract Deposits $0.00
  TOTAL Other Assets $0.00
TOTAL ASSETS $17,911.25
  Other Liabilities  
    Member Overpayments $15.00
  TOTAL Other Liabilities $15.00
OVERALL TOTAL $17,896.25


C-7A Caribou Association Cash Flow Report
1/1/99 Through 12/31/99

Category Description 12/31/99 Balance
  Advance Reunion99 $4,770.00
  Dues $3,853.00
  Interest Income $642.89
  Other Income $20.00
  Refunds from Reunion $225.00
  Reunion Receipts $1,493.11
TOTAL INFLOWS $11,004.00
    Prior Treasurer Reimbursement $1,520.83
  TOTAL Administrative $1,520.83
  Administrative Supplies $119.17
  Bank Charge $39.91
  Postage and Delivery $479.41
  Printing and Reproduction $2,185.80
  Refunds to Members $379.00
  Reunion Expense $6,242.46
  Special Orders $162.00
  Uncategorized Outflows $0.00


Chairman of the Board Wayne Delawter presented the following comments:

The quality of an organization and a reunion is a reflection of the involvement of the many members who have contributed to its success. The number of people contributing to the organization and the quality of their work leading up to this reunion was great.

Beginning a couple years ago we began to formulate a plan that would help better organize the Association. Throughout the last two years a tremendous amount of effort was made by the following individuals to bring this Caribou Association to where it is today. By communicating primarily via the Internet, sometimes daily, Steve Kelley from Missouri, Bill Avon from Ohio, John Soper from Texas, Earl Reynolds from Louisiana, Jim Collier from California and Milt Golart from all over the world but primarily from Hawaii and Oregon, Nick Evanish from Mississippi and me in Pennsylvania -- we've put together an infrastructure that brings membership representation to a manageable operation.

The main thrust of our effort was to provide direction to the Association based upon good membership representation. As in all groups there was not always agreement on all issues, but we agreed that we would go with whatever the majority decided. We acted in accordance with our own "Dayton Accord" (last year's reunion's business meeting decision) -- to establish staff or officer positions to spread the administrative work to provide a manageable program that had a high degree of accountability. The bylaws put on paper are what we believe to be a good guide from which to operate. The membership vote showed an overwhelming approval of these bylaws.

The distribution of the Association's work could not have come at a better time. Nick has had very little time to devote to the Association in the past year. He has spent an inordinate amount of time repairing his house that was damaged by a hurricane.

Nick's passive involvement with the Association put emphasis on developing a structure to distribute the work. John Soper stepped up to become the vice president. Jim Collier has done a fantastic job as our secretary. Earl Reynolds, a tax attorney, has served as our treasurer in addition to providing legal guidance. These association officers also served as board members.

The following board members (members-at-large) each contributed in different ways:

Bill Avon's main effort beyond providing an input to the board on business issues was with recruiting. His main thrust was to advertise the reunion in veteran's magazines. Most of our newly gained members were the result of Bill's efforts.

Steve Kelley, one of the youngest age-wise, but longest active members of the Association provided extensive historical input. Steve also has developed an Association patch for our identity.

Milt Golart, also a long Association active member, and an international businessman drew upon his background to provide excellent suggestions from which much of our progress is to his credit.

My job as the chairman of the board has been to facilitate the processes and issues as they came up.

The board has taken action on many issues that we felt were appropriate. We spent an inordinate effort in developing the bylaws. This was well worth the effort; however, as we learned last night during our first "live" board meeting. With the guidance of our bylaws, we were able to work through some issues that will improve our meeting today and in the future. One issue that we considered dealt with how the Association would take appropriate action on behalf of the organization when notified of a fellow member's "Last flight West." It was decided that appropriate memorial items will be funded by the Association's reserve fund. We ask each of your assistance on this matter by relaying to any board member information about a fellow member's passing.

Additionally, the board decided to get a website. After trying to develop a site myself and realizing that I was a real novice at it, I was lucky to find a member who is in the computer business. Pete Bird, who you've read about in the newsletter, has done a marvelous job in building our super website.

During the year, Bob Dugan kept the board honest by providing his perspective though his emails. Others, like Dave Hutchens, worked with Jim Collier on the membership database.

To wrap this up, I want to say that I've enjoyed the coordination and association with so many of you. The hard work of developing the bylaws will assure membership representation and provide guidelines for the future. I'm confidant in the future and the growth of this organization.


    Results of voting by mail on the by-laws:

    The Secretary reported that there were 358 members with tax dates of T98-T06 who were eligible to vote plus those that sent in Tax with their vote. 

    The voting results were 159 for 1 Against and 1 Abstain. The bylaws were passed.


    1. REUNION FREQUENCY (Wayne DeLawter, Milt Golart and Ralph Erchinger)

      Whereas there was a mail-in vote taken in 1998 to determine the desired
      interval between reunions, and

      Whereas the results of the mail-in vote on the interval between reunions
      indicated a preference of the interval being greater than an annual basis
      with over 50% voting for a two year interval, with the percentage of those
      voting for a 3 year interval exceeding the one year interval, and

      Whereas because of this issue was tabled by the members attending the last
      reunion meeting,

      I move that the future interval between reunions be at approximately two year
      intervals to be in compliance of that vote or that we now determine this
      issue by a vote after appropriate discussion.

      A passionate amendment to the motion was presented by Milt Golart to the effect that the reunion should be planned each year and held each year if a sponsor volunteered . 

      An additional amendment was presented by Ralph Erchinger:
      Whereas quality of the reunion event is of equal concern and interest as is frequency; and 
      Whereas interest, willingness, and volunteering of a sponsoring "Host" individual or group are necessary for a successful event; and
      Whereas it is desirable to have a date and location for the next reunion determined by a majority vote of those members present at the business meeting of the prior(last or present) reunion, but the reality is that this may often not be achieved;
      Therefore, I move that future reunion events, if not scheduled by vote of the membership in attendance at the reunion business meeting, be scheduled by a majority vote of the Board , and only after a sponsoring party and a reunion location has been identified.

      Vice President Soper condensed the motion to the following:

      The reunion will be planned for every year, the conduct of the reunion will be dependent on the availability of a sponsoring host committee.

      Motion was passed.


      After all the discussion about frequency of reunions, John Soper asked for sponsors for Reunion 2000 and Paul Phillips volunteered, with Wayne Delawter, Abbott Greenleaf , Tom Finnilli and Jim Elder assisting. The reunion will be held in the fall in the Washington-Baltimore area.

      Being on a roll, John asked for Reunion 2001 sponsors and Steve Hassett volunteered to host the reunion in San Diego, with Howard Lafever assisting..

      Never giving up on a good thing, John secured a pledge for Reunion 2002 from Steve Kelley for St Louis.

      If any of you would like to assist in the above efforts, the email addresses of the hosts are on the web page at . We are also taking offers to host Reunion 2003.

    3. HONORARY MEMBERSHIPS (Wayne DeLawter)

      In the past there was an honorary membership status designated without established criteria, and there have been individuals identified in this honorary membership status without known qualification.

      I therefore move that the honorary designation be eliminated for anyone except for the following:
      John Davis and Nick Evanish, the recognized founders of the association, each will be honorary members for life. Peter Bird, in recognition for the outstanding effort put forth in establishing the web page will be an honorary member for as long as he is webmaster. I further move that the criteria for this honorary membership status shall only include the waiver of their annual membership fees "tax." Honorary members will incur all costs of reunion attendance.

      Motion was passed.

    4. ESTABLISHING A WEB PAGE. (Wayne Delawter)

      Wayne secured the gracious services of Peter Bird to establish the current web page at Wayne proposed that the Board be authorized to expend funds to establish our own web page. The motion was passed.


      There are other "Caribou Associations", and that the name is not available as a web site. The US Army operated the Caribou as the CV2 and has the Army Otter/Caribou Association. The USAF redesignated the Caribou as the C7A, and to better define our organization with the USAF's designation, I make a motion that our official organizational title be the "C-7A Caribou Association"

      The motion by Bill Avon to change the name to C-7A Caribou Association was passed.

    6. ASSOCIATION PATCH (Steve Kelley)
      Steve presented a proposal to develop an association logo which could be customized as to unit and other distinguishing features.

      Motion was passed.

      Whereas the Association's membership has increased significantly, and;
      Whereas the increase of members were the result of an untiring effort of our membership chairman, Bill Avon, and;
      Whereas the reunion attendee of the tenth reunion in Tucson wish to make their appreciation known,
      I move to have the record show our collective gratitude to Bill Avon for the superb result of his effort.

      The motion was passed.

      Whereas the Association has benefited from the additional communication provided by the creation of an Association website, and;
      Whereas the development and maintenance of the website would not be possible if not for the effort and expertise of Pete Bird, and;
      Whereas the reunion attendees of the tenth reunion in Tucson wish to make their appreciation known,
      I move to have the record show our collective gratitude to Pete Bird for the superb result of his effort.

      The motion was passed.

      Earl presented a proposal to establish squadron representatives to reach out and contact members and prospective members. The squadron reps would recruit a member from each year group to assist them. In addition to recruiting, the squadron reps would develop informative or historical information for the newsletter. The following members volunteered:

      Paul Mascot 483th/66
      Stan Metcalf 4449th
      James Fairweather 135th
      Mike Scott 310th/72
      John Mood, Jr. 457th/69
      Wayne DeLawter 458th/66 
      Bob Markham 459th/69 
      Roger Jarvanpaa 535th/68 
      Don Griffin 536th/66
      Jim Collier 537th/67

      The following is the nominations and election results for the Officers and Board for 2000:
         Nick Evanish
         Steve Kelley   Elected
      Vice President
         Paul Whelan  Elected
         Earl Reynolds  Elected
         Jim Collier  Elected
         Bill Avon  Elected
         Milt Golart  Elected
         Steve Kelley
         Dave Hutchens  Elected
         Paul Whelan

  3. ADJOURN ( Vice President John Soper )

James L. Collier
Secretary, C-7A Caribou Association


12 Dec 2000 08:35 PM