The 2001 Reunion

Minutes of the Caribou Association Business Meeting on September 7, 2001

Call to Order:
President Steve Kelly called the Meeting to order at 1310 and started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Determination of Quorum:
Secretary, Paul Phillips. As of September 01, 2001 there were 365 paid members, 36 members is a quorum. 53 members present at the meeting.

Approval of the 2000 Reunion Minutes at College Park:
Paul Phillips. Motion was made to approve Minutes as printed in the March Newsletter The motion was seconded and approved by voice vote.

Reports from Officers and Board:

Chaplain, Bob Davis:
Gave a Report of the Memorial Service for Captain J. Patrick Jaeger in Atlanta, GA

President, Steve Kelly:
Steve asked for input to Dave Hutchens, the editor of the Newsletter, for stories, information, etc.

Treasurer, Earl Reynolds:
Earl gave financial report.

Web Page, Peter Bird:
Review and presentation of the Web site now and a look into the future. Our Website renewal is January 2002. Peter made a motion that we upgrade from the True Basic Plan to True Advanced Plan that includes: Two-year domain registration, Hosting and Listing Service for 24 months. The primary benefit is double the disk space from 150 to 300 MB. At the present we are at 120 MB. The motion was seconded and approved by voice vote.
Peter also stated that you could now click on Dave Hutchens, editor of the Newsletter on the Web Page. This makes it easy for members to give Dave Hutchens information or stories for the Newsletter.

Newsletter, Dave Hutchens:
Dave reported on the Newsletter. We are planning on 2 distributions of the Newsletter and 1 reunion flyer each year.

New Business

"Tax Accounting" Method:
 Jim Collier made a motion for a separate accounting of advance Taxes. Motion was Seconded and passed.

Memorial Gifts:
Bob Dugan gave presentation of Caribou Association Plaque at Dyess Air Force Base. The Memorial is a 20 x 30 Bronze Plaque. The cost of the plaque is $1,750 dollars. All Members will be notified by Post Card.

Chairman of the Board, Bob Markham said, "I will be contacting all family members of those listed on the plaque."

A motion was made to change the name of the association to USAF CARIBOU ASSOCIATION; motion was seconded, but was defeated 21 for and 25 against.

Reunion 2004:
Donald Malm gave a presentation about Odessa, TX for the 2004 Reunion. Donald Malm will host the reunion. A Major highlight for this reunion would be an Air Show put on by the Confederate Air Force. There was a seconded and passed by voice vote.

Repaint Hill Caribou Aircraft:
Jerry York made a motion that the Association pledge $5,000 dollars to Hill, for the repainting of their Caribou. Wayne Delawter seconded the motion. After some discussion, an Amendment to the motion was made to refer this matter to the Board and the proper committee of the board. Amendment to the Motion passed unanimously.

Book by Col. Wilbert Turk:
Wayne Delawter reported that Col. Wilbert Turk of the 483rd Wing is writing a book. Wayne wanted to let the member know that Col Turk wants information on Units. Anyone having information contact Wayne.

Reunion Appreciation and Commendation for Paul & Christine:
The Association wanted entered into the minutes Appreciation for Paul and Christine Phillips. A motion was made and seconded, to Commend Paul and Christine for all the work done for the Las Vegas Reunion.

Nominations Of Officers:

President Kelley asked for Nominations from the floor for President. Hearing none, Nominations was closed

President Kelley asked for Nominations from the floor for Vice President. Hearing none, Nominations were closed

President Kelley asked for Nomination from the floor for Secretary. Jim Collier was nominated from the floor and seconded.

Jim Collier acceptance was contingent on the following motion. Jim Collier made a motion to override the Board on Back Taxes. Jim’s motion to the members; The Taxes collected would be applied for current year and forward. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Jim Collier accepted the nomination for Secretary. Nominations were closed.

President Kelley asked for Nominations from the floor for Treasurer. Hearing none, Nominations were closed.

President Kelley asked for Nominations from the floor for Board Member at Large. Dave Hutchens withdrew his nomination for Member at Large and Nominated Rick Patterson, motion was seconded. Nominations were closed

The nominations were accepted and were elected by acclamation.

Board Appointments:
Steve Kelley Board recommendation to approve the creation of new positions on the board i.e., reunion coordinator, etc. New positions established by a 2/3 vote of board members. 

Associate Members:
Board recommendation to have Associate Members join the Association. These members can participate in all aspects of the Association but cannot vote at the business meeting. The motion was seconded and passed by the members.

Motion and seconded, passed unanimously at 1510.

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul Phillips


13 Jan 2009 05:52 PM