2004 Business Meeting


C-7A Caribou Association 2004 General Membership Meeting
October 1, 2004

  1. The meeting was called to order by President Bob Markham at 0900, with 84 members present.
  2. Election of officers:  There were no nominations from the floor, so the ballot was approved by acclamation. (See the web site for the slate of officers.)
  3. The minutes from the 2003 meeting were approved, as posted on the web site.
  4. Financial report was given by Treasurer Bob Dugan.  Motion and second to approve was passed.
  5. Introduction of new Association volunteer positions:  Dave Hutchens is the new Chief Editor of the Newsletter, and Charlie Steadman is the Editor.  Bob Blaylock is the Historian; Wilson Petefish is the Parliamentarian.
  6. George Harmon briefed the Association on the progress of the restoration of the Hill AFB C-7A.  The aircraft should be painted and ready for a dedication on 14 May 2005.
  7. A motion was made, seconded and passed to have the 2005 reunion at Hill AFB in conjunction with the dedication ceremony.
  8. Jim Collier stated that, Peter Bird had access to old Air Force footage of  C-7 Caribou operations in Viet Nam.  A motion was made, seconded and passed for the Association to pay for the editing and making DVD’s available to the Association.
  9. A drawing was held for a free night in the Hotel.  Larry Caine won the drawing.
  10. Wayne briefed the Association on the Airsho schedule for Saturday.
  11. Motion to adjourn at 1022, seconded and passed.

C-7A Caribou Association
Stoney Faubus


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