Robert W. Markham

Honorary Lifetime Member


C-7A Caribou Association
Motion To Award Honorary Lifetime Member Status to Robert Markham


Bob Markham has served as the 459th Squadron Representative since 1998.  He has continually kept the 459th advised of reunions and dedications. He has done an exceptional job as Chair of the Bereavement Committee. He has served as COB and President of the Association.

He was primarily responsible, along with Bob Dugan, for the success of the Abilene Memorial Dedication. He was solely responsible for establishing the Associate member category and getting the tremendous response of relatives attending. He has maintained contact with all the relatives and provided the roster chairman with frequent updates.

He completed a survey of the Ogden site for the reunion and coordinated the dedication with the Hill Museum. He has attended The Reunion Network Comfams at Kalamazoo, MI, Buena Park, CA and DuPage County, IL as potential reunion sites, all on his own dime.

He has done more to advance the prestige of the Association of anyone except Nick Evanish.

It is therefore moved that Bob be awarded Honorary Lifetime Membership status, such award to be presented at the Salt Lake City reunion.

C-7A Caribou Association
Board of Directors


13 Jan 2009 05:58 PM