The 2006 Reunion

Final Attendee List

April 2006

92 attendees were First Timers!

Attendance By State:

AL-3 AZ-3 CA-10 CO-1 CT-1 DE-4 FL-18 GA-11 IL-4
KY-1 LA-5 MD-2 ME-1 MI-2 MN-1 MO-1 MS-2 NC-3
ND-1 NE-2 NH-1 NJ-3 NM-3 NV-1 NY-3 OH-7 OK-5
OR-3 PA-6 SC-5 TN-10 TX-18 VA-12 WA-4 WI-4  

Attendance by Unit:

457th 27
458th 19
459th 17
483rd 4
535th 25
536th 18
537th 44
908th 1
4449th 3
AFAT-2 1

Alphabetical List of Attendees:

Abrams, Aubray and Judy
Ainsworth, Bruce
Allison, Max and Shirley
Alten, Larry and Debbie
Anderson, Andy
Archibeque, Francisco and Marcella
Asbury, Don
Bach, Bradley and Cherry
Bailey,  James and Polly
Baker, Jay and Diane
Besley, Dick and Linda
Betz, Robert and Pamela
Bone, Jim and Judy
Boston, Douglas and Ellen
Bowen, Brian
Bowers, Bob and Evelyn
Brooks, Patrick and Lesley
Brunz, Wayne and Joyce
Buesking, Bill and Mae
Campbell, Larry and Mary
Carlson, Don and Virginia
Carter, Larry
Chrisman, Ken and Venita
Churchill, Earl and Phyliss
Clarke, Bill and Shirley
Collier, Jim and Betty
Collins, Tom and Chantell
Comer, Dennis and Diana
Cooper, Bob
Corfield, Frank
Crafton, Stuart and Cathy
Cummings, Bob and Carolyn
Cunliff, Al and Shirley
Darvas, Richard
Davis, Robert and Georgia
Davis, Jim and Dot
Davis, John
Davis, Linwood
DeLawter, Wayne and Patty
Dietz, Marlin and Suzanne
Donovan, Steve
Dugan, Bob and Pat
Durham, Dian
DuVall, Bill and Edeltraud
Erchinger, Ralph and Ellie
Faubus, Stoney and Melva
Ferguson, Bill and Mary
Ferguson, Mark
Fillmore, Ken and Sandra
Fitzgerald, Ralph and Evelyn
Ford, Patrick
Francis, Stephan
Frye, Huey
Furlong, Jim
Furrie, Mary
Garner, Hugh and Peggy
Garrison, Larry and Tricia
Girod, Alan
Godek, Frank
Golart, Milt and Marge
Grant, Bill
Griffin, Don
Grissom, Kelly and Susan
Haigler, Steve and Mary
Hanavan, Pat and Alicia
Harmon, George
Harris, Charles
Hartshorn, Cindy
Helterbran, Glenn and June
Henwood, Charles and Dolores
Hillman, Martin
Hines, Joe and Mary Anne
Holbein, John and Sherry
Jackson, Don and Susan
Johnson, Glen and Edna
Jones, Deno and Pam
Kelley, Steve
Kelly, Dana and Carolann
Kimseu, Ken
Kopp, Gary and Janey
Kowalski, David and Christine
Kurtyka, Joe
Lawson, Bob
Leonard, Benny and Gladys
Lewis, Doug
Lipscomb, Robert and Dodie
Major, B.B.
Martwig, Larry and Marva
Matthews, John and Helen
McCorkle, Mac
McDonald, Jim and Marcia
Messner, Mike
Miller, Bob and Janice
Miller, Gary
Moody, Joe
Moore, Gladiola
Moore, George
Mott, Lee and Joy
Moulton,  Royal and Irma
Myers, JD and Carol
Nassr, Mike
Neumayer, Bob and Lola
Nevins, Chris and Eileen
Nixon, Nick
Osgood, John and Mona
Pacholka, Ken
Padgett, Andy
Palek, David
Patterson, Byrd
Pearce, Paul and Lavonne
Perry, Bill
Petefish, Wilson and Betty
Presley, Terrell and Maerene
Pund, Harry and Dianne
Quinn, Bob and Doug
Renfro, Ralph
Reynolds, Earl and Pam
Rice, Al
Riess, Mike
Riggleman, Russell and Sue
Ryland, Keith and Opal
Sanford, Rex and Norma Jean
Schmitz,, Charles
Scolamiero, Ralph and Lynn
Scudder, Robert and Dory
Selvidge, George
Shanahan, Allen
Shaw, James and Patsy
Slade, Robert and Wynell
Smith, Monroe and Flo
Smith, Woodie and Anne
Smith, Randall and Christine
Smith, Cliff
Smolinski, Jerry
Spann, Link and Jean
Strang, Bob
Swofford, Gabrielle
Tanner, Ray
Tawes, John and Fran
Taylor, Curry
Taylor, Bob and Doug
Terrell, Otto and Wanda
Teske, John and Elaine
Thibodo, Mike
Thomas, John and Mary
Thompson, Troy and Edna
Toland, Jim and (guest) Luda
Vanness,  Charles
Vondersmith, Bill and Anne
Wade, James and Joyce
Waite, Leland and Gloria
Ward, Tom and Sue
Wayland, Roger and Tara
Weidman, Bud and Gloria
Wever, Gary and Restie
Wilson, Clyde
Woodbury, Roger
Woznicki, Frank
Yost, Dan and Arlene
13 Jan 2009 06:00 PM