The 2006 Reunion

Honorary Lifetime Membership

Honorary Life Membership

Awarded to

James L. Collier

Whereas: Jim Collier, formerly of the 537th TAS, has served dutifully the C-7A Caribou Association and its Board over many years while commanding the respect and admiration of those who serve the Association,

Whereas: Jim Collier has served our Association as the Chairman of the Board, as Association Secretary, as Treasurer, and as a Board Member At-Large in a most professional and dignified manner and has been responsible for creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that promote effective management,

Whereas: Jim Collier has served our Association by providing untold hours of assistance to the memorial services for our fallen comrades at Dyess AFB and Hill AFB, and by volunteering his time at numerous C-7A Association Reunions in planning, preparation, and registration of our members at our reunions,

Whereas: Jim Collier has, for the good of our Association, attended several Reunion Network ConFams to insure that our reunions are run as professionally as possible,

It is therefore the will of the Board of Directors to award to James L. Collier, Lt. Col., Ret. the privilege of Honorary Lifetime Member of the C-7A Caribou Association and to declare our gratitude to him and to his wife, Betty, for their patience and dedication in helping make this Association one of the best and admired military fraternal associations serving the veterans of the Vietnam War.

Chairman of the Board, C-7A Caribou Association

Thanks, Jim, for a lot of hard work and a job well done!

13 Jan 2009 06:00 PM