2006 Business Meeting

Minutes of April 11, 2006 business meeting
of the C-7A Caribou Association:

Chris Nevins announced at 8:15 AM that with approximately 125 members in attendance that a quorum was obtained.

The meeting was called to order at 8:16AM by Chris Nevins.

The pledge of allegiance was followed by an invocation by Bob Davis.

A motion to adopt the agenda as published was unanimously approved.

Officer Reports:

  • Secretary’s Report – Wayne DeLawter stated that the secretary’s report had been provided via email prior to the reunion and hard copy at the reunion which detailed the proceedings of the board. He stated that since it had been provided, he wouldn’t go into detail, but that he would answer any questions about it. Bob Dugan asked a question related to the secretive nature of the board. Chris answered that the actions are not secretive as they are open to the seven member board. Chris asked that Bob hold this type of question to the informal discussion by the members, therefore this was tabled until that part of the meeting. Earl Reynolds asked for clarification of the endorsed slate of candidates. Chris explained that it was approved by the board that an endorsed slate of officers and board members would be presented to the membership at the reunion’s business meeting. He further stated that this will not preclude any floor nominations at this meeting. With no further questions the attending members approved the secretary’s report.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Jim Collier stated that everyone had received a copy of this report and he would answer any questions about it. Earl Reynolds asked if there had been an audit of the treasury. Jim stated that their hadn’t been and stated that past audits had never been done by members, but by spouses who, while they stated that everything had been in order, they had informally agreed that the information provided was of the nature that an understanding of it was not possible. Jim further explained how the treasurer’s accounting of the main areas of the association had been separated and recorded to allow for accounting so that it could be understood by anyone including an audit team. Randy Smith asked that there be a cap on the amount of merchandise inventory. It was stated, in response to this question, that all merchandise orders are reviewed and approved by the board prior to ordering.

Committee Reports:

  • Nominating – Chris explained the nominating committee’s difficulties in finding candidates who were willing and had the equipment to act in the various board positions. He further explained that the board determined that it was prudent to bring to the reunion a slate of board endorsed candidates who had demonstrated or explained their willingness and qualification to assume the responsibilities of the positions. The final slate of candidates is printed on the election ballot, but he reiterated that write-ins are welcome.
  • Bereavement Report – Wayne explained that Bob Markham sends sympathy cards on behalf of the Association to the surviving spouse or closest family member. He relies on notification from other members, so it is important to communicate any deaths to Bob or any board member so he can respond in a timely manner.
  • Reunion Report – Wayne stated that the reunion report was sent a week ago to all attendees and he wouldn’t go into the details of it unless there were questions. He stated that we attempt to provide a venue that had something of interest for everyone. Only laudatory remarks were made by members.

Unfinished Business:

  • There was no unfinished business from the last meeting.

New Business:

Board Motion:

  • Replacement of Memorial Plaques
  1. The board moved that due to an unintentional omission on the part of those members who diligently worked on preparing and presenting to the association a complete and accurate list of names of comrades who fell in the line of duty while serving on the C-7A Caribou aircraft during the Vietnam conflict, a name of one of our fellow comrades was none-the-less omitted from the memorial plaques at both Dyess AFB, TX and Hill AFB, UT.
  2. Due to this omission, the board seeks the approval of the Association to add the missing name of our fallen comrade to two new plaques which would replace the current memorial plaques at both Dyess AFB and Hill AFB which currently hold 38 names to corrected plaques which will hold a more accurate 39 names.
  3. The board seeks the authority from the Association to fund the replacement plaques with funds not to exceed $4,500. Should the expense for the replacement plaques exceed $5,000 the board will seek approval from the Association with another motion to include a full explanation of why additional funds for this project are being sought. After discussion about the specifics of how each plaque is mounted and the vendors and after Bob Dugan agreed to coordinate the request for proposals, the motion carried unanimously.
  • Member Motions:
  1. Plaques acknowledging those associated with the Caribou in combat
    Earl Reynolds proposed a motion that was seconded by Ralph Erchinger as follows:
    In keeping with the purpose of the Association to “maintain interest in the C-7A/B Caribou and its mission”, I move that the Association determine where the C-7A/B Caribous are being displayed for public, non-commercial display and place at each location an appropriate plaque acknowledging those “who flew, maintained, or supported the C-7A/B Caribou” and “those who died in combat during the C-7A operations.”
    After discussion, Pat Hanavan made a motion to amend this motion that was seconded by Jim Collier as follows:
    “In keeping with the purpose of the Association to ‘maintain interest in the C-7A/B Caribou and its mission’, I move that the Association develop a plan for installing an appropriate plaque acknowledging those ‘who flew, maintained, or supported the C-7A/B Caribou’ and ‘those who died in combat during the C-7A operations’ at various public, non-commercial displays of C-7A/B aircraft and present the plan to the membership at next year’s reunion.”
    This amended motion was unanimously approved.
  2. Clarify Management of the Association Newsletter
    Bob Dugan proposed a motion that was seconded by Roger Woodbury as follows:
    “The board is hereby directed by the membership to appoint a Newsletter Editor-In-Chief and delegate to him the sole responsibility for the content of the newsletter. The Editor of the newsletter shall report only to the Editor-In-Chief, as it is not possible to serve two masters. Under no circumstances shall the Board attempt to directly interfere with the publication of a newsletter; that is, there shall be no prior restraint on the part of the Board. Any direction the Board has for the content of the newsletter shall be communicated to and coordinated with the Editor-In-Chief, who, in turn, shall manage all aspects of newsletter production and publication. Further, the Standard Operating Procedure adopted by the Board in its most recent session is hereby nullified and shall be stricken. If adopted by affirmative vote of the Committee of the Whole, this procedure shall become part of the written and codified procedures of the C-7A Caribou Association.” (end of motion)

    After several members, all of which were non-board members, spoke against this motion Pat Hanavan, the newly appointed newsletter editor was asked his opinion. He spoke in support of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) adopted by the Board in its most recent session and he stated he believes it is fair and workable. The current newsletter SOP states that while the editor has full editorial control, he will submit to the Board NLT 21 days before publication an electronic copy of the newsletter to allow the Board to make last minute changes which normally will be limited to correction of errors and omissions. Ralph Erchinger called the question to end discussion since there was no one speaking in support of the motion.
    The motion was unanimously defeated.
  3. Board Communication Policy
    Bob Dugan proposed a motion that was seconded by Randy Smith as follows:
    “The Board is hereby directed by the membership to keep the webmaster and the newsletter Editor-In-Chief informed of ALL Board proceedings, be they by word of mouth, telephone, email, or any other communications mode. The proceedings of the Board should be in the public domain of the members who elected them and the two communications links to the membership are the web site and the newsletter. It is neither appropriate nor necessary for the C-7A Caribou Association Board to conduct secret proceedings hidden from the membership, or from all board members. If adopted by affirmative vote of the Committee of the Whole, this procedure shall become part of the written and codified procedures of the C-7A Caribou Association.” (end of motion)

    Chris Nevins stated that all actions are open, not in secret, and are primarily done by email addressed to Board members. As with other Associations there is no requirement to report verbatim Board discussions, only the results of those discussions which the Board does through the Secretary’s report. Wayne DeLawter stated that the background for this occurred as a result of discussions brought to the Board by non-board members unrelated to their area of responsibility and others who had no association responsibility like being a committee person. This caused an additional and unnecessary workload to an already overburdened Board. Wayne stated that it is difficult enough to coordinate issues among the seven members on the Board without direct interference from members outside the Board. The offenders were advised to keep their comments related to their areas of responsibilities so that the Board could function reasonably.

    Without any members speaking in favor of the motion, a vote was taken and the motion was unanimously defeated.
  4. Selecting Candidates For Elected Office
    Bob Dugan proposed the following, which was seconded by Kelly Grissom:
    “The Board is hereby directed by the membership to create a well-defined procedure for selecting candidates for office. This procedure shall be made public to all members so that all may participate equally in seeking office. There shall be no overly restrictive conditions placed on candidacy for office; the prime requisite shall be willingness to fulfill the published duties of the office and willingness to work for the betterment of the Association. To avoid conflict of interest, there should be a formally appointed Nominating Committee, none of whose members are then current members of the sitting Board. The recommendations of the Nominating Committee shall determine the slate of candidates and the Board shall not have the authority to alter the slate presented by the Nominating Committee.”

    If adopted by affirmative vote of the Committee of the Whole, this procedure shall become part of the written and codified procedures of the C-7A Caribou Association.

    Earl Reynolds moved that this motion be amended as follows:
    “Move that the Board develop an amendment to the By-Laws to be submitted for vote of the active membership that establishes the nominating and elective process for the board members of the association, including a nominating committee of three non-board active members of the association who shall report such nomination to the reunion association at the reunion association business meeting.” Huey Frye seconded this motion to amend. This amended motion was passed with a vote of 103 for and 22 against. Jim Collier asked that after the board develops the amendment to the By-Laws that the issue be tabled until the next reunion’s business meeting whereupon its disposition will be determined by the attending members. This was approved.
  5. Audit Committee
    Earl Reynolds proposed the following:
    “I move that an Audit Committee comprised of four non-Board members be developed to audit the financial records at the end of each fiscal period. Bob Dugan seconded this motion. Earl Reynolds volunteered to chair this audit committee and solicited three volunteers for this committee. Pat Brooks, Randy Smith and George Moore volunteered for this committee. This motion was unanimously approved.

Presentation of Board Nominees

Chris presented the slate of nominees as printed on the ballot. He explained that all nominees had acknowledged their willingness and qualifications to serve as officers/board members. The nominees are as follows: Chris Nevins, president; Bill Buesking, vice-president; Wayne DeLawter, secretary; Jim Collier, treasurer; Rene Canuel, Hallis Cunliffe, and Marty Hillman at-large Board members.

Floor Nominations for Board Nominees

Chris asked for nominations from the floor for any officer/board positions. No floor nominations were made.

Election of Board Members

After Chris asked the attending members to mark their ballots it was proposed that with a single slate of nominees that they be elected by proclamation. The membership unanimously concurred and without negative votes, the slate was elected.

The floor opened for informal discussion by members:

Bill Buesking spoke about the next reunion planned at San Antonio for September 2007.

Bill Buesking spoke about the membership searching committee that he was forming.

Huey Frye inquired about whether there is any interest in having a future reunion on a cruise ship for which he would act as planner.

Pat Hanavan spoke about restoration of C-7A 62-4193 underway at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Pat has contact with the historian and the restoration team working on the project and we should provide assistance with any information they may need about the aircraft.

With no further business, at 10:18 AM a motion was accepted to adjourn the meeting. It passed unanimously.


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