Caribou Association

The 2007 Reunion Attendees

The Final List

(Red indicates first reunion!)

Abrams, Aubray and Judy, 537th Stone Mountain, GA
Allison, Max and Shirley,  537th (2 Guests) Appleton WI
Alten, Larry and Deborah, 535th Sheffield Lake, OH
Archibeque, Francisco and Marcella, 4449th Bay St. Louis, MS
Bailey, Jim,  AFAT-2 (1Guest) Williamsburg, VA
Baker, Jay and Diane, 535th Georgetown, TX
Balak, Alvin and Audrea, 459th Sacramento, CA
Barnes, Bill, 483rd Pinson, AL
Besley, Dick and Linda, 535th Columbia Cross Roads, PA
Betz, Robert and Pamela, 535th Pine Grove, PA
Black, Ralph and Grizelda, 457th Austin, TX
Boston, Doug and Ellen, 458th Colleyville, TX
Boswell, Lance and Ginner, 536th Flower Mound, TX
Bowen, Brian, 459th St. Petersburg, FL
Bowers, Bob and Evelyn, 536th Chillicothe, OH
Boyd, Lloyd and Yolanda, 536th Bellwood, IL
Brabant, Michael, 537th Fenton, MI
Breslin, Edward, 537th Niceville, FL
Brooks, Patrick and Lesley, 459th Loudon, TN
Brunz, Wayne and Joyce, 535th Papillion, NE
Buesking, Bill and Mae, 535th San Antonio, TX
Cathell, Allen, 535th Showell, MD
Chapman, Dean and Marcia, 535th Las Vegas, NV
Collins, Tom and Chantell, 537th Jamesburg, NJ
Combest, Bill, 457th Vacaville, CA
Comer, Dennis and Diana, 537th Edwardsburg, MI
Corfield, Lee and Donna, 458th Freedom, PA
Corley, Bob and Wendy, 908th AW Sarasota, FL
Cormack, David, 458th Merritt Island, FL
Cowee, Bruce, 458 Lafayette. CA
Cowgill, John, 535th Winter Park, FL
Craig, John and Nadine, 457th Spencer, OK
Cunliffe, Al and Shirley, 458th Millbrook, AL
Curtis, Lester, 483rd Palmyra, VA
Dana, Don and Dorothy, 459th Sandy, UT
Davis, Jim and Dot, 537th Freehold, NJ
Davis, Robert and Georgia, 457th Odessa, FL
DeLawter, Wayne and Patty, 458th Loudon, TN
Dimon, Frederick, 535th Newton, IA
Drury, Jon and Beverly, 537th Castro Valley, CA
Dugan, Bob and Pat, (8 Guests) 537th Brownwood, TX
DuVall, William and Edeltraud, 535th Yelm, WA
Elsasser, Steve and Sue, 458th Tucson, AZ
Enfinger, Ureal and Verlene,  536th (2 Guests) Papillion, NE
Erchinger, Ralph and Ellie, 536th  Austin, TX
Erickson, Mark, 457th Greenville, IA
Faubus, Stoney and Melva, 458th Gardnerville, NV
Faulkner, Joe, 535th Converse, TX
Fillmore, Kenneth and Sandy, 536th Edmond, OK
Fischer, Earl and Diane, 18th Lakewood, WA
Flood, Donald, 457th (2 Guests) Cardiff-by-the-sea, CA
Ford, Pat, 535th Seaford, VA
Foster, Donald and Muriel, 536th Spokane, WA
Fox, Gary and Sharon, 536th Albuquerque, NM
Frank, Ted, 483rd Taylors, SC
Gerrity, Bruce, 459th and Guest Marvin Sellers Arlington, VA
Ghizzoni, Alan, 457th Boulder City, NV
Girod, Alan, 537th Mill City, OR
Godek, Frank, 537th and (Guest) Eli Matthews Bayou Vista, TX
Gould, Michael, 535th Austin, TX
Graetch, Joe, 535th Santa Barbara, CA
Graham, Justin and Nadine, 18th Burlington, KS
Griffin, Don and Sue, 536th Plano, TX
Grissom, Kelly and Susan, 537th Edna, TX
Habiger. Gene and Barbara, 457th San Antonio, TX
Haigler, Steven and Mary, 537th Bayside, WI
Ham, Ron, 536th Albuquerque, NM
Hamrin, Bob, 536th and Guest Kathy Sanford  
Hanavan, Pat and Alicia, 535th (1Guest) San Antonio, TX
Harmon, George, 537th Springfield, MO
Harris, Charles, 536th Carlsbad, TX
Harry, John, 535th Colorado Springs, CO
Havins, Felton and Mary Catherine, 537th (2 Guests) Fort Pierce, FL
Heard, Wyatt and Annell, 459th Uvalde, TX
Helterbran, Glenn and June, 537th Litchfield, CT
Henwood, Chuck and Dolores, 457th Tampa, FL
Hodgins, Paul and Gale, 458th Sanford, FL
Hoisington, Kent and Shirley, 457th Grasonville, MD
Holman, Paul and Pam, 535th Welda, KS
Hopkins, Robert and Eula Mae, 458th Warner Robins, GA
Jackson, Larry and Judy, 535th Olathe, KS
Jumper, John, 459th Burke, VA
Karamanian, John, 536th  
Kassen, Carl and Sammy, 535th Mount Airy, NC
Kelley, Steve, 536th Fenton, Mo
Kelly, Dana, 536th Winter Garden, FL
Kopplin, William, 536th San Antonio, TX
Korose, Robert, 536th Gulf Breeze, FL
LaBove, Adam and Joy, 535th Winnie, TX
Lavelle, Mike, 535th Salt Lake City, UT
Leppert, Greg and Jane, 457th Lacey, WA
Lester, Ron, 459th Springfield, VA
Lipscomb, Robert and Dodie, 459th Benbrook, TX
Manire, Bill and B J, 537th Papillion, NE
Martinez, Juan 483rd  
Martwig, Larry and Marva, 459th Del Rio, TX
Mascaro, Kenneth, 535th Santa Maria, CA
Matthews, John and Helen, 4449th College Station, TX
McCorkle, Ronald, 457th and 3 Guests Modena, PA
McDonald, Jim and Marcia,  537th (1Guest) Raleigh, NC
Mednansky, Edward, 4449th Iowa Park, TX
Mellert, Dave and Kaye, 537th Summerville, SC
Messner, Mike, 535th Merritt Island, FL
Meyer, James and Julie, 483rd San Antonio, TX
Miller, Robert and Janice, 458th Casselton, ND
Molohosky, Serge and Lynn, 459th Spring, TX
Moore, George, 536th Shreveport, LA
Moros, Pete, 537th Westminster, CO
Murphy, Michael, 537th Chesterfield, MO
Myers, Harold, 537th and Guest Marsha Jordan Rochelle, TX
Myers, James and Carol, 458th Salem, SC
Nartz, Vic, 458th Bedford, TX
Nassr, Mike and Bobbie, 459th Roswell, GA
Neumayer, Bob and Iola,459th Centennial, CO
Neutzling, Thomas and Cheryl, 458th (2 Guests) Cameron Park, CA
Nevins, Chris, 458th Hampton, NH
Nguyen, Hung and Thanh-Mai, 429VNAF San Antonio, TX
Nicklas, Nick and Kathleen, 459th Canton, GA
Obermiller, Terry and Candy, 537th San Antonio, TX
Owens, Stan and Carolyn, 483rd Abilene, TX
Oxley, Art and Marie, 458th Marblehead, OH
Pacholka, Ken, 536th Oscoda, MI
Peoples, Paul, 459 Haslett, MI
Perry, Bill, 536th Torrance, CA
Petefish, Wilson and Betty, 535th San Antonio, TX
Pfanner, John and Susan, 537th Eugene, OR
Phillips, Pat and Barbara, 535th Apopka, FL
Piercy, Jeff, 458th San Antonio, TX
Pluta, Steve and Cathy, 536th Walnut Creek, CA
Quillope, Andrew, 458th Cerritos, CA
Quinn, Billy, 537th and Guest Franny Riley Mackay, ID
Rawlings, George and Joan, 458th San Antonio, TX
Reynolds, Earl, 537th (1Guest)  Prairieville, LA
Rice, Albert and (Guest) Dian Durham, 537th Harrington, DE
Riess, Mike, 537th Stillwater, MN
Rikeman, Pete and Mary, 536th Aurora,CO
Rios, Herman and Cathy, 537th Ewa Beach, HI
Rodda, Allen and Bonnie, 537th Vacaville, CA
Ryland, Keith and Opal, 537th Auburn, AL
Sanger, Gary, 483rd Hanford, CA
Scamardo, Johnny and Ginger, 535th Lowell, AR
Schiff, Larry, 459th Orefield, PA
Shanahan, Allen and Karen, 537th Tuscon, AZ
Siegfried, Ron and Jan, 457th Easton, PA
Slade, Bob and Wynell, 537th Jacksonville, FL
Smith, Randy and Chris, 457th N. Ridgeville, OH
Smolinski, Jerry, 537th Covington, LA
Snodgrass, Tom and Kathy, 457th Wichita, KS
Spann, Link, 459th Burke, VA
Spurger, Sonny and Cindy, 537th Lancaster, TX
Strickland, James, 459th Bellville, TX
Sutton, Dave 458th Big Spring, TX
Tanner, Ray, 458th Las Vegas, NV
Tawes, John and Fran, 537th Norcross, GA
Taylor, Curry, 537th Scottsdale, AZ
Terrill, Donald and Daphne, 457th Saint Louis, MO
Teske, John and Elaine, 537th Tabernacle, NJ
Tompkins, Staton and Debbie, 535th Houston, TX
Tost, Charlie, 537th Fremont, CA
Tran, Gam Van and Kathy, 429 VNAF Arlington, TX
Tuck, Wayne and Denise, 537th Hillsborough, NJ
Turk, Will and Jerry, 483rd Montgomery, AL
Urbanovsky, Richard and Robin, 458th Aquilla, TX
Vanness, Charles, 537th Memphis, TN
Vickery, John and Pat, 457th Sahuarita, AZ
Vondersmith, William, 459th Tucker, GA
Waldron, Bob and Ginny, 535th Greensboro, NC
Watkins, Miles, 536th San Antonio, TX
Wayland, Roger and Tara, 535th Hillsboro, OR
Weidman, Bud and Gloria, 459th and 457th Alamogordo, NM
Westman, John and Deborah, 535th Libertyville, IL
Wever, Gary and Restie, 535th Bellevue, NE
Williams, Bill, 4449th Fair Oaks, CA
Wilson, Hugh, 537th Tunica, MS
Witthoeft, Paul, 483rd and Guest Mary Buenrostro Dallas,TX
Woodbury, Roger, 537th Champaign, IL
Woznicki, Franklin, 536th Rome, NY
Yamashiro, Richard and Vicki, 458th Burlington, MI
Yost, Daniel and Arlene, 537th Lancaster, CA
Zahradka, Joseph, 458th Grand Forks, ND
Zender, Paul, 459th Altus, OK
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