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Final Report of the Nominating Committee

11 September 2008

NOMCOM Report 09/11/08

The nominating committee (NOMCOM) consisting of the following Association members: Stoney Faubus (Spokesperson), Dave Hutchens, and Chris Nevins, started work on the new slate of officers in January 2008.  We first polled the current officers to see if any were interested in standing for reelection.  By January 24 we had  positive responses from all current officers except the treasurer (Bill Buesking), who declined reelection.  We then had the Association send emails to all members requesting volunteers for the elected positions.  We also had the request put on the Caribou web site and posted in the May newsletter.  With little or no response from these actions we started looking for a new treasurer.  On March 25 I was notified by Bill that he had reconsidered and would stand for reelection.  At that time we thought the slate was complete except maybe nominations from the floor at the meeting.

On August 12, I was notified that Bill had changed his mind and decided not to stand for reelection.  So the process started again, looking for a treasurer.  After polling the membership again, Mike Murphy accepted the nomination for treasurer on Aug 20.  That left us with a board member at large opening.  Again after polling members, Bob Neumayer accepted the nomination to board member at large on September 1.

I would like to thank Dave Hutchens for his tireless assistance and filling in for me while I was sort out of the picture.  The job would not have gotten done without his help.

So, as of September 11, 2008 the slate of nominees for the 2008-2009 year is as follows:

President-------------Peter Bird

Vice President------Pat Hanavan

Treasurer------------Mike Murphy

Secretary------------Al Cunliffe

Board Member-----Fred Dimon

Board Member-----Jerry York

Board Member-----Bob Neumayer


 Stoney Faubus

458 '68-'69

NOMCOM Spoksperson


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