Caribou Association

2011 C-7A Rides!


We are making arrangements with the Cavanaugh Museum for our members and their guests (age 18 and older) to take rides in their Caribou on Friday, 23 September, during the reunion in Dallas, TX from 21-25 September 2011.

A donation to the museum between $200 and $250 per person will defray the cost of operating the aircraft (fuel, oil, engine maintenance, airframe maintenance, inspections, insurance). The rides will be approximately 40 minutes long. Flights in other historic aircraft are offered by other owners/operators at various places around the country. Donations for their aircraft are similar: $450 for the B-17, $450 for the B-24 and $1500 for the P-51.

Please send an email to if you plan to attend the reunion and how many seats you need for you and your guests at the $200-250 per person donation stated above. This is not a reservation, simply a survey of interest in the rides for our members and their guests.


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