Crew Duties
C-7A Caribou Association



(Adopted October 14, 2007)


  • Is a current member of the Association.

  • Is an Officer and member of the Board.

  • Takes minutes of the business meeting at reunions. If unable to attend the business meeting, arranges for a replacement.

  • Provides the minutes to the newsletter editor for summary in the post-reunion newsletter. The minutes shall be recorded in an electronic format (e.g., Microsoft Word) that is suitable for posting on the web site and summarizing in the newsletter.

  • Records the proceedings of the board to include the following:

  • motions and votes on motions.

  • voting proxies granted by one Board member to another.

  • resignations from the Board

  • Monitors email and generally responds to Association business within 24 hours.

  • Notifies the Board in the event he is unavailable for more than 3 days.

16 Oct 2007 11:38 AM