Squadron Representative SOP

(Approved Dec 31, 2004)

  • Purpose: To establish the duties and responsibilities of a C-7A Caribou Association Squadron Representative.
  • The Sqd Rep will assist the Roster Chairman in recruiting new members into the Association. The Sqd Repís primary responsibility will be recruiting new members from the people in the Sqd Repís Vietnam era organization. Recruiting will be accomplished primarily by trying to contact members on the roster that have never paid dues. Additional contacts will be made by referring to old orders. Recruiting will also be accomplished by developing contacts with old comrades from leads provided by current members. The Sqd Rep will mail a welcoming letter to newly established contacts. This letter is in addition to the letter sent out by the Roster Chairman. The Roster Chairman will provide sample welcoming letters which the representative may use to develop his letter. The Sqd Rep will copy the roster Chairman on his letters.
  • The Sqd Rep will also assist the Association in encouraging lapsed members to renew their membership. By keeping the lapsed member abreast of all upcoming events and activities the Sqd Rep will attempt to establish himself as a link between the lapsed member and the Association.
  • The Roster Chairman will furnish the Sqd Rep current rosters via e-mail.
  • The Sqd Rep will assist in keeping his squadron roster current by submitting updated member data to the Roster Chairman. The Sqd Rep will forward information on deceased members to the Roster Chairman and the Bereavement Committee Chairman.
  • The Sqd Rep will be reimbursed for postal and telephone expenses by sending a summary of receipts to the Treasurer.
10 Sep 2005 06:31 PM