(Approved Feb 18, 2015)

Tasks to maintain website:

  • Maintain design of website to ensure that Internet searches show Association webpage at top of the returned list of sites

  • Post new roster (extract data from master roster database to online database)

  • Post reunion information

  • Post changes to bylaws and crew duties

  • Scan prints and slides

  • Edit and post new photos from members (in Photo gallery)

  • Update Association data (officers, contact points)

  • Maintain officer email forwarding aliases (e.g., president@C-7ACaribou.com)

  • Post newsletters and approved Board motions

  • Post obituaries

  • Update memorabilia data (prices, order form)

  • Post Lost and Found messages

  • Update memorials pages (memorial benches and plaques)

  • Update history of the C-7A and the Association

  • Update information about the C-7A

  • Update FAQ and information of joining the Association

  • Maintain site search algorithm in website

  • Update links

  • Renew hosting bi-annually (domain, hosting changes, storage space, etc.)

  • Maintain backups of all C-7A Caribou Association data, records, webpage files

Skills/Tools required:

  • Windows development machine (web site runs on Microsoft IIS)

  • HTML4 and CSS3 working knowledge

  • Server side scripting (VBScript) and Client side scripting (Jscript)

  • Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) object model and programming

  • Working knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL) and database access

  • Web design tools (e.g., Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Expression, Adobe Dreamweaver)

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software and working knowledge

  • Microsoft Access database software and working knowledge

  • Adobe Photoshop (editing and tool) or equivalent


18 Feb 2015 03:31 PM