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Caribou Line Drawing

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C-7A Principal Dimensions

Wing Span 95 feet 8 inches
Length 74 feet 0 inches
Height 31 feet 9 inches
Maximum Gross Weight* 28,500 pounds
Powerplants (2) Pratt & Whitney R2000-7M2
Propellers (2) Hamilton Standard 43D50-651
Propeller Ground Clearance 21.9 inches
Main Gear Track 23 ft. 1½ in.
Type Twin Wasp 14 Cylinder double row radial
Displacement 2,004 in3
Bore 5.75 in.
Stroke 5.5 in.
Prop Reduction Gear 2:1
Ignition Dual Bendix SF14RN-8 Magnetos
Ignition Timing 25° BTDC
Type Three-blade variable pitch, reversible
Diameter 13 ft. 1 in.
Low Pitch Stop 21°
Reverse Pitch -8°
Feather Pitch 88°
Inner Wing Airfoil NACA Series 643A417.5
Outer Wing Airfoil NACA Series 632A615
Root Chord 11 ft. 10 in.
Tip Chord 5 ft. 7¾ in.
Anhedral To station 172. 5
Dihedral From Station 172. 5 to tip
Incidence To Station 172. 5
Incidence From Station 172. 5 to tip 3° washout
Wing Area 912.4 ft2
Aileron Area 91 ft2
Fore Flap Area 70 ft2
Trailing Flap Area 194 ft2
Span 36 ft. 0 in.
Root Chord 7 ft. 4 in.
Tip Chord 5 ft. 4 in.
Incidence Variable
Stabilizer Area 229.6 ft2
Elevator Area 70 ft2
Vertical Tail
Height 18 ft. 1 in.
Root Chord 14 ft. 10 in.
Tip Chord 8 ft. 6 in.
Vertical Tail Area 211 ft2
Rudder Area 84 ft2
Landing Gear
Retractable tricycle-type, dual wheels on all units Hydraulic retraction, main units forward, nose unit rearward
Main gear Produced by Jarry Hydraulics, shortens as it retracts
Main Wheels Goodyear wheels and tires, size 11.00 12
Nose Wheels Goodyear wheels and tires, size 7.50 10
Tire Pressure 40 psi, nominal
Brakes Goodyear four-cylinder single-disc
* Normal operations - 33,000 pounds or more for ferry operations


Aircraft on Display

Aircraft Histories


Sales Brochure

Caribou Brochure
Click on the image above for Jon Drury's 1962 De Havilland Caribou sales brochure. It is in PDF format and is about 3 MB in size, so you may want to right-click and use "Save Target As..." to save a full copy on your machine before viewing it.


Aircraft Documents

T.O. 1C-7A-1 and 1C-7A-1-1 Flight Manual

This is a very large file (388MB), so it is highly recommended that you right click on the above image link and select "Save Target As..." to place a copy on your own machine.

T.O. 1C-7A-1CL-1 Flight Crew Checklist.

This is also large (44MB), so right-clicking on the above image and selecting "Save Target As..." will allow you to copy it down to your own machine.

The real -2 is coming...
De Havilland Maintenance Manual PSM 1-4-2

In the absence of a real USAF dash 2, this manual will have to suffice.  Once again, this is a large file, so it is highly recommended that you right click on the above image link and select "Save Target As..." to place a copy on your own machine.


For those of you who fondly remember the 6,000 Pound Dog Whistle and the White Rocket, I dug these out of my archives and turned them into PDF files.  They are both several hundred MB, so the same advice applies; right-click on them and download them to your own machine.  These are only indirectly associated with the Caribou, but it is how many of us arrived at the C-7A.


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