Al Cunliffe's Photos


Captain Cunliffe
I guess Al got tired of working on airplanes and decided to fly one instead.  In his own words:
"The two chubby guys, I'm on the left, in front of the Cessna 310 was taken at the April 1997 Sun 'n Fun Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-In in Lakeland, Florida.  The 310 belongs to the Maxwell AFB Aero Club and I had flown it to Lakeland for the Fly-In.  I have used some of my VA benefits over the years to obtain my Commercial, Single and Multi-Engine, Instrument and CFI ratings.  I'm instructing part-time at the Maxwell Aero Club and should finish my CFII within the next few weeks."
It is customary in the airline world to refer to the pilot in command as "Captain".  I think Al has earned that title!


09 Apr 2000 10:14 PM