Al Cunliffe's Photos


Al Cunliffe was a crew chief....(more on the way)


Al's Photos

Landing At Nha Trang Nha Trang Ramp
Air America C-46 Airborne Cow
Loading A Cow Ride Him, Cowboy
Lt. Colonel Beale and Friends Pigs in a Poke
Al and Gary Hudgins
Al Cunliffe Home Sweet Home
Main Street Road To The Flight Line
Cam Ranh Flight Line Near Nha Trang
Hon Tre C-123 At Nha Trang
CH-47 At Nha Trang Downtown Nha Trang 1
Downtown Nha Trang 2 Downtown Nha Trang 3
Nha Trang Harbor Freedom Bird
The Philippines Army Holdout
Air Force Commendation Medal Captain Cunliffe


09 Apr 2000 10:14 PM