Steve Lentz's Photos


This is a couple of my buddies from Cam Ranh at the mission site at Nha Trang. In the background is the mission site building which was located adjacent to the 5th Special Forces Headquarters. This is where the Crewchiefs from the 458th went TDY to work with the 5th Special Forces. When the Caribous arrived here, they were loaded with whatever the Special Forces directed and went wherever the cargo was needed. Our job was to help load the Caribous, refuel them, fix mechanical problems and occasionally go on those missions to help with airdrops or whatever.
In the background, behind the jeep, is the actual mission site building. To the left is a bunker complete with electric lights, cots for sleeping and lots of .223 ammo. Above the bunker is a conex modified to contain a .50 Caliber manned by the Special Forces if need be. The building on the extreme left belonged to the Air Forces 20th Helicopter Squadron (Green Hornets). This is where they pulled maintenance on their choppers. Incidentally, the jeep in this photo was supplied to mission site personnel by the Special Forces. It was used for many things. Some authorized, some not!!


10 Apr 2000 11:22 PM