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Foreword by Steve Lentz

I came from an Air Force family and was the last of five sons to serve. I joined the Air Force in Feb. of 1967, on the DEP program, and left for Lackland AFB, Texas on 16 May '67. Following Basic Training, I went to Sheppard AFB, Texas for Tech School to be trained as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. Having completed Tech School, my first PCS was to Peterson Field near Colorado Springs. Here I worked on T-29s and C-131s in phase docks. I got to do my first flying on Air Force aircraft at Pete Field. We flew rescue missions there (on T-29s) looking for downed civilian aircraft in the Rocky Mountains. I got my five level at Pete Field and, after volunteering twice, got orders for Vietnam.

Before leaving for Vietnam, I was assigned to the 304S Field Training Detachment at Sewart AFB, Tennessee. This was a FAM School for C-7A Caribous. I left for Vietnam on 18 Nov.'68, having been assigned to the 458th Tactical Airlift Squadron at Cam Ranh Bay. Here I served as a Crewchief on a C-7A Caribou (62-4181). During my tour in Vietnam, I had one TDY to the Philippines (for corrosion control) and two TDYs to Nha Trang where we had a mission site located with the 5th Special Forces.

My fondest memories of Vietnam are of the times I spent working with and flying with the Green Berets. They were some very unique men and, probably, the most courageous and professional I had the Honor to serve with!

 On 18 Nov.'69, I left the War and some Very Special Friends behind. I was reassigned to Castle AFB, Ca. and retrained on jets. I got my 43151E there and finished my enlistment working on KC-135s. While I briefly considered becoming a boom operator, I found my enthusiasm for Military service soured by the way Vietnam Vets were being treated and the way our leadership had handled the Vietnam War.

Steve's Photos

C-123 at Nha Trang Crispy Critter
Ready for Corrosion Control Engine Runup
Functional Check Flight Operationally Ready
Thumbs Up Air Drop 1
Air Drop 2 Air Drop 3
Air Drop 4 Air Drop 5
Air Drop 6 Ninh Hoa
Big Bertha 1 Big Bertha 2
Beach Bunker Caribou Cockpit
Motley Crewchiefs Enroute to Nha Trang
Petroleum Jetty 1 Petroleum Jetty 2
Downtown Nha Trang Cam Ranh Flight Line
Chinook 1 Chinook 2
Chinook 3 Jolly Green
Derelict Landing Craft Steve at Nha Trang
Steve at Cam Ranh Steve
Miles Buddies
Steve Again Fresh A-1s
Nha Trang Aerial View Nha Trang Mission Site
Oil Leak Rocket Attack 1
Rocket Attack 2 Rocket Attack 3
Red Alert Red Tail Inn
Ship at Cam Ranh Tiger Lake 1
Tiger Lake 2 Transient A-1E 1
Transient A-1E 2 Transient A-1E 3
USO Show Cam Ranh
Unofficial Patch Where are they now?


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