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Where are they now?
I took this photo last year at the bone yard at Davis-Monthan. I guess I'd title it, "Where are they now?" I don't know if this old 'Bou was ever in Vietnam, but if it was, it fared better than mine!  Mine was sold to the Vietnamese Air Force and is probably now being used as a chicken coop!!  Oh well, we gave it our best shot didn't we?  Like they say, "You win some and you lose some, but it's how you play the game that counts"! I'm damn proud of the way I played the game and I'd play it all again!
(Webmaster Note:  The last time I checked the list from Davis-Monthan, there were no C-7A aircraft listed.  I guess that means they have been cut up for scrap.)


10 Apr 2000 11:30 PM