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GAPES delivery. Ground Altitude Parachute Extraction System. However, NO PARACHUTE is needed in this system. Cargo is pushed to rear of aircraft, brakes locked, METO power applied, brakes released, and the Caribou rockets out from under its load. Stopping quickly is the next imperative.
(Webmaster Note:  By 1971, this technique was called "speed offloading".  I don't know how many trips I made from Bien Hoa to Katum with 105mm howitzer projectiles.  The technique was modified a little from what Tom describes.  We would actually start the aircraft backing with the props in reverse and then go to forward pitch and METO power.  Once the load was clear, power was reduced and we taxied right back on to the runway to do a rolling takeoff.)


08 Apr 2000 11:28 PM