Tom Finkler's Photos


Tom Finkler was an Air Cargo Specialist with the 15th Aerial Port Squadron’s small six man C-7A Section from August 1969 to August 1970. This tightly knit group provided Dedicated Airlift Support to Detachment A, of the 459th TAS, located on the East Ramp at Da Nang AB. The 15th APS personnel worked closely with both Maintenance and Aircrews, assisting wherever possible. Besides rigging loads, Tom frequently flew on airdrop missions, as the workload for the Flight Mechanic was quite high on drops. APS troops frequently flew to the 5th Special Forces A-camps to aid in cargo unloading. These Missions afforded many photo opportunities, plus the joy of flying, often "feet wet", with the doors open to add a little spice to the day.

Tom's Photos

Da Nang Approach Transient 536th
Caribou Cow Tra Bong 1
Tra Bong 2 Tra Bong 3
Tra Bong 4 Tra Bong 5
Tra Bong 6 Tra Bong 7
Tra Bong 8 Tra Bong 9
Tra Bong 10 GAPES
Sierra Hotel Tien Phuoc 1
Tien Phuoc 2 Tien Phuoc 3
Santa Bou 1 Santa Bou 2
Santa Bou 3 Da Nang
Jefferson Airplane Blood, Sweat & Tears


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