The 2002 Reunion

St. Louis

Quote of the reunion:

When he learned in a conversation in the War Room that the C-17 had a stick instead of a yoke, Dave Hutchens declared, "It's not flyable!"

Squadron of the reunion:

The 537th put us all to shame.  The final numbers are not yet in, but they had more people and more new people than any other squadron and I think any other reunion.  Congratulations, guys, and let that be a challenge to the other squadrons.  To the guys who shook the bushes to get people to attend, "Thank You, job well done".  To the FNGs, "Welcome aboard and we hope to see all of you in Dover next year."

[Please give me details on the individuals who should be recognized for this extraordinary feat - Webmaster]

Group Photos:

[Note: I need significant help filling in the names.  All those faces are very familiar, but I am having a major senior moment with the names.  The photo session was not well organized this year and we didn't take the time to get all the names during the photo session.  Hopefully, we will do better in Dover - Webmaster]

Great Turnout!

Budweiser Tour

Grant's Farm Tour

Photos around the hotel:

The War Room

Photos around St. Louis:

The Banquet:

Business Meeting Minutes:

Financial Report:

Much more to come.....


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